11+ People Who Upgraded Their Ikea Furniture

Shopping at Ikea can be such a blessing — especially when you're a handy person. There are so many cheap and amazing items in this one store that you can use in a multitude of ways.

You can reuse many of their products if the original purpose wasn't what you were looking for. Take it from these people and follow their lead.

1. This Studio Desk

Reddit | anfisaval

OMG, I can't believe somebody created this amazing studio desk using their Ikea Malm dressing table. Isn't this the most ingenious idea? I think this looks cool AF. And, it fits the keyboard absolutely perfectly. Wow!

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2. This Billy Bookcase Upgrade

Reddit | Cakenstarg

This person actually reinforced their Ikea Billy bookcase by dividing up one of its shelves into five sections and screwing them in place. Talk about a clever and well-executed idea here. Don't you think? Nice.

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3. This Custom Built Bathroom Cabinet

Reddit | tzangwang

Who says you can't customize that Ikea furniture to your liking? This genius person used two Lixhult cabinets combined with a Jarrah hardwood frame to make an awesome bathroom cabinet just like this. Impressive.

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4. This Super Cool Desk

Reddit | Its-All-Relativity

When your wife demands you keep the PC case out of sight, you build this desk using a Metod kitchen cabinet turned sideways. As they say, "happy wife, happy life". Indeed that's true. Ha, ha!

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5. This CD Collection Cabinet

Reddit | Askellz

When you have a CD collection as impressive as this you need a customized cabinet. This Ivar cabinet got turned into a five-shelf unit by taking off the doors and using them as extra shelves.

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6. This Floating Desk

Reddit | Elyssian

Who wouldn't enjoy working from home when you've got a view like this. Create an easy floating desk by using a Komplement shelf just like this person did. This is such a quick and easy fix.

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7. This Workstation


This person ended up using the Hilver tabletop with the Alex drawers to make the cutest workstation I've ever seen. Check out all that extra storage space. This is working from home at its best.

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8. This Greenhouse

Reddit | soverylucky

After downsizing and moving to an apartment, this person had an extra Ikea bookshelf. So, they turned it into an indoor (cat-proof) greenhouse so that they can grow their own herbs and veggies all year long. Amazing!

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9. This Nail Polish Collection Rack


If you don't have enough spices but you do have an impressive nail collection like this person, you can turn the Ikea spice racks into the ultimate storage. How interesting is that? Love this pretty idea.

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10. This Bekvam Remake


If you're going to turn the Ikea Bekvam stool into a cool display for your plants, you better make it look good. Treat it with a coat of paint and it may end up looking like this.

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11. This Malm Dresser Remake


Speaking of upgrading your IKEA furniture this person did just that and more. They turned this plain MALM dresser into a gorgeous piece with gold accents using contact paper. This is such a brilliant idea.

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12. This TV Cabinet Upgrade

Reddit | asaxonbraxton

Sure, this Besta TV cabinet looks pretty good on its own, but why stop at that when you can spruce it up with a wood top and an amazing shiplap wall like this one? Gorgeous.

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13. This Rast Upgrade

Reddit | FallVIIStandUpVIII

Sometimes all you need to upgrade that Ikea furniture is a pretty shade of paint, some hard work, and a cute design in mind. This person turned this plain Rast chest into something that much more fabulous.

"My improved version of the Ikea Rast," they said when they shared the image on Reddit. Love it!

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14. This Upgraded Mosslanda Shelf

Reddit | Criticalstone

This clever Reddit user used Östernas handles and a simple wooden dowel to make a clever accessory stand on the Mosslanda shelf. Now, they have a place to hang up sunglasses, lanyards, and wristbands!

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Oh wow, how impressive are these Ikea furniture upgrades? Huh?

Giphy | WNYC Studios

I wish I was as handy as these people. But then again some of these fixes are pretty easy that I think even I could manage. I say, why not?

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