Mom's Disney Chalk Drawings Add Some Magic To Sidewalks

Brittany Rae 14 May 2020

I'm about to say the thing we all already know: Moms are the coolest people in the world.

One mom in Central Florida is making the best of quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic to add some Disney magic to her sidewalks. And guys, you have to see her art.

Casey Drake's first Disney chalk drawing celebrated the Joy in life.

Even though there's not a lot to smile about these days, she still chose to bring some happiness and yes, Joy, to her sidewalks! Meet Joy from Inside Out!

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Things got pretty elaborate pretty fast.

I genuinely laughed out loud at this one. This Mike Wazowski is really rockin' that strainer as eye protection, huh? And let's not sleep on the funnel at the top of the breathing tube.

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This Rapunzel is SO well-done.

Casey really pulled no punches with this drawing — she literally started drawing memes. This mom might be the coolest mom ever. Do not tell my mom I said that, okay?

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Eight hands sounds exhausting.

Casey said: "Hank is here to remind you to wash your hands (or arms?) for at least 20 seconds frequently throughout the day!"

She gives good advice! Let us all follow it vigilantly.

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Ariel so would.

Would you say her collection is complete? Ariel hoarding toilet paper is just so Ariel. Girl, you gotta share. And maybe Marie Kondo your huge collection of stuff, because it got out of hand fast.

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This is such a mood.

This was my whole attitude before the pandemic, so you can bet it's my attitude during it. No touchy! Even with gloves! Keep 6 feet away and hey, nice mask!

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I would prefer this to the Charmin bears.

Okay, so here's where I'm going to dunk on the Charmin bears. What is up with those weirdos? Why does Charmin insist on making more commercials with them? Guys, I really hate the Charmin bears. Tell me I'm not alone.

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Pooh Bear was the pioneer of the no-pants look.

No one goes pants-less like Pooh Bear does! I love that he's Zoom-ing with Donald Duck and Chip 'n' Dale. Gotta keep up with the other Disney icons, you know?

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Moana misses the movies.

Moana and I have that in common. Remember when we used to be able to leave the house without masks on, go to a movie theatre, kick back, and eat popcorn without feeling abject terror?

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Oh, she's got memes.

Back at it again with the timely memes, Casey took on the whole quarantine haircut trend. Or lack thereof, in the Beast's case. Good luck getting those knots out.

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This one went out to the nurses.

For Nurse's Week, Casey drew a very fitting chalk rendering of the Fairy Godmother — but with a mask, of course. Thank you, nurses and essential workers everywhere! You're so appreciated!

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Aw, a social distancing date!

Still dating during the pandemic? Understandable. I mean, this whole thing can't stop life entirely, right? Just make sure y'all don't share too much of that spaghetti.

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If I could Sleeping Beauty my way through this virus, trust and believe I'd be snuggling in and taking a year-long nap. No more worrying about toilet paper or sanitizing my groceries? Sounds great.

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She even made one for the graduates!

In a very moving post, she dedicated her drawing to all of the graduates who had their proms, graduations, and celebrations taken from them. Like Tiana, all you graduates will kick major butt and achieve your dreams.

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And now, Casey presents:

The five stages of quarantine, brought to you by the characters of Inside Out. It's only fitting, since that's how she started this sidewalk chalk drawing business, after all!

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Aw, poor Sadness.

I am amazed at how realistic that window looks! Poor Sadness has gone through her snacks and crossed all her plans off of her calendar. Boy, can I relate to that.

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Time for Disgust.

Your hair's grown out, it's been a while since you got your nails done, and let's not even talk about those roots. Disgust truly is going through it, y'all.

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Anger is exactly where I am right now.

Anyone else wanna scream when they see people out in crowds, completely ignoring life-saving advice? Yes? Oh good, I'm glad we're all in good company. Anger is a total mood.

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And finally...it all comes back to Joy.

One day, we'll get to this one! Disney Parks will reopen, life will go back to normal, and we won't have to find happiness in the smallest of things — but honestly, we still should.

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