People Cleaning Their Kitchens Are Sharing Pics Of Food Way Past The Expiry Date

Now that many people are stuck at home with not much to do, they have been cleaning pretty much everything in the house including the pantry, refrigerator, and the freezer.

You'd be surprised by what some have found during their digging. It turns out these hoarders have been holding on to things that are way past their expiry dates and it ain't pretty.

1. These Corn Dogs

Twitter | @monotonous65

What would you do if you found 10-year-old corn dogs in your freezer? Would you dare to eat them? Apparently, this guy is planning on eating them and hoping to live to tell the tale, lol.

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2. This Christmas Pudding

Twitter | @adamreeve87

Not to be outdone by some 10-year-old stuff, this gentleman found his nana's 22-year-old pudding just sitting and waiting to be consumed. To top it off, it comes from a shop that no longer exists. Ha, ha!

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3. This Mac & Cheese

Twitter | @PLUMPKIN

Well, we all make mistakes from time to time. I'm just glad I've never eaten mac and cheese that was actually 14 years old. I'm surprised it tasted good. Sounds like a miracle to me. Ha, ha!

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4. This Ox Tongue

I dunno why anyone would buy a tin of ox tongue in the first place. WTF! Not only that, but it was a catering-sized tin and they've kept it since 1971. What? That's pretty scary.

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5. This Cheese Spread

This person found something I've never heard of: a pasteurized cheese spread with pineapple. What in the heck is that, Kraft? What did some people eat in the '80s? That doesn't sound right to me.

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6. This Hoarding Situation

Twitter | @Prof_Bridgett

Let's all breathe a sigh of relief that our moms aren't hoarders like this lady. After all, who would want to eat any of these ancient things? I think I'll pass on that one. Right?

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7. These Ribs

Twitter | @allyallyally_

Oh my gosh, this lady's father is one crazy loony tune. He actually put 17-year-old ribs in the microwave and thought it was perfectly fine to eat them. His response is absolutely classic. Don't you think? ROTFL.

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8. This Classic Move

Twitter | @laurarocs

I hope for everybody's sake your father doesn't do what this lady's dad does. Talk about discovering some mystery meat every time you have a meal. Ha, ha! This sounds absolutely hilarious but also really scary. No?

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9. This Food Coloring

First off, I wouldn't touch food coloring if I were you. But, if you absolutely must, perhaps it's best to leave that old one out. It'll definitely ruin the taste of anything. Good call here, dear.

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10. This Lamb Liver

Perhaps not quite as old as some of the other stuff but it is after all lamb liver. I think if I were this person I would stay as far away from this gem as I could.

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11. This Turkey

Twitter | @jd_trew

Oh, how sweet is it that this lady helped her mom clean out her chest freezer? What's even funnier is all of them holding a mock funeral for this dearly departed frozen turkey from six years ago. That sounds fun.

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12. This Peanut Butter

Twitter | @StuartRTCanning

Seriously, this would never happen in my house. The way we go through peanut butter we're lucky if it lasts us about three months. Why would you just not eat it already? I don't get it.

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13. This Spam

Oh my goodness, talk about a real gem here. Do you still remember eating Spam? LOL! This was such a big thing back in the day. My fiancé still speaks of it fondly. Ah, the sweet childhood memories.

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14. This Lasagna

Twitter | @PatTyrrell1

What in the world? How is it possible that somebody has been hoarding a cooked lasagna for 19 years? OMG, how deep is this person's freezer for crying out loud? I can't get over this. Ha, ha!

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15. This Gelatin

Somehow I don't think this is what kids picture when they think of family heirlooms. Am I right? That one, dear Granny, you can just keep to yourself. No, thank you. I'll take a pass here. LOL!

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16. This Chocolate

Twitter | @sgralRL

As far as I'm concerned, chocolate doesn't really have an expiry date. I mean if you can stomach it, you can eat it. All that's in it is cocoa and sugar. Am I right or what? Hee, hee.

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17. This Kroger Cola

Twitter | @THICCtorianChad

Wow, talk about a real collector's item here. I had to look this up, but it's an anniversary bottle of cola to celebrate 100 years of the Kroger supermarket...from 1983. This can fetch some coin on eBay.

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18. This Cod Liver Oil

Twitter | @bluetigerlefty

They say cod liver oil is good for you, but somehow I don't think this logic applies to one that's 33 years old. Oh my gosh, that's pretty dang old. Even the bottle looks pitiful.

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19. These Beers

Hey beer drinkers, do beers age? I mean, if you've kept them in the fridge this whole time, what's the harm? Ha, ha! Who knows? Maybe she's on to something...aged beer. Perhaps a new trend?

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20. This Irish Cream

Twitter | @ajbaker2011

Oh, Baileys Irish Cream, my favorite. I love it with ice cream and in my coffee. Too bad she couldn't pour it out of the bottle. It wouldn't have lasted that long in my house. Ha, ha!

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21. This Puff Pastry

When you've got a giant chest freezer, you may have forgotten about a gem you had in there. Like, for example, this 25-year-old puff pastry that this guy's mom actually ended up baking. Then she bravely ate it. OMG!

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22. This Pepsi

Oh wow. They do exist. Who knew Pepsi once looked like this? I had no idea. Who knows, maybe this find is actually worth something. You never know. There are collectors of some weird stuff out there.

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Okay, I thought I'd seen some hoarders before but I never would have thought people would hold on to old food for that long.

Giphy | HULU

This is pushing it. Don't you think? And I'm always so conscious of expiry dates. Ha, ha!

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