11+ Smart Ideas That Caught Our Eye

There are some designers who are recognized all around the world for their work and that's totally commendable. But, there are also things we stumble upon every day that were brilliantly designed by other creative souls who have gone unnoticed.

I think it's those projects that really deserve our praise. Check out these awesome ideas and you'll see what I mean.

1. This Sofa

Reddit | Thyphan69

If this sofa design doesn't make you want to dive right into it, then I dunno what will. I would love to have something like this in my house. Oh, and that view is amazing!

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2. This Umbrella Lock Rack

Reddit | convivialcor

Wouldn't it be cool if every supermarket had this locking system for your umbrella so you didn't have to carry it with you after getting out of the rain? Just lock it up and go.

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3. This Coffee Table

Reddit | T4C000

Not only is this table a total space-saver, but it also comes with extra storage and super cool cushions to sit or rest your feet on. I'm totally digging this design here. I really want one for my own home.

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4. This Pet Shop Bag

Reddit | squid50s

This pet shop came up with the most clever design for their shopping bags. What a unique way to make them stand out in the crowd. I absolutely love this bag concept.

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5. This Wedding Cake

Reddit | roastedtoperfection

While we're on the subject of animals, isn't this peacock wedding cake the most amazing design ever? I've been thinking of getting a cake and cupcakes for my wedding so this idea totally appeals to me.

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6. This Diploma

Reddit | elbimio

Wouldn't it be amazing if every university and college sent their graduates a wallet-sized diploma like this one? I mean, who needs those big diplomas anyway? Mine is packed away somewhere never to be seen again. Ha, ha!

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7. This Tea

Reddit | squid50s

For a tea lover like me, this is truly something to marvel at. This gorgeous tea bag turns into a goldfish when you submerge it in hot water. Isn't this the prettiest thing you've ever seen? Ohh!

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8. This Cable

Reddit | gigez

Give it up for the person who came up with the brilliant idea to make this cable fit around other plugs because it's so annoying when you can't plug in all your appliances. Am I right or what?

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9. This Antenna Design

Reddit | 200Fathoms

Somebody was very clever when they designed this antenna in a way that you can lay the panels down when you want to store it or even transport it. I say this is really user-friendly.

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10. This Hospital Elevator Panel

Reddit | xray_anonymous

It's great to see that this children's hospital doesn't take itself too seriously and came up with such a colorful elevator button panel display. Now the children can have something cool to look at while waiting.

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11. This Shower Design

Reddit | Sangria_Sunset

Talk about a convenient shower design. I love the open concept of it all and the fact that you can have your towels so handy. They won't get wet as the showerhead is on the opposite end.

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12. This Chop-Fork


This is for those people who can't decide if they want to use chopsticks or a fork. Now they can have the best of both worlds. Ha, ha! That's totally me. Where can I get this?

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13. These Mopeds

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

An artist and mechanic, Brett Walter, used old original VW fenders to create these "Volkspods" motorcycles. And I gotta say, they look so awesome. Isn't this just the most fabulous idea ever? I wanna ride one.

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14. This Lobby


Why would you put a fake alligator embedded in the floor of a doctor's office lobby? I dunno. But doesn't it look super cool or what? Ha, ha! I've never seen anything quite like this before. True dat.

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15. This Crib

Reddit | AmirDG

Do you know what you're looking at here? This is a cleverly designed crib that becomes a shelving unit once the baby grows up. I think that's such a fantastic idea. This is like a two-in-one.

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16. This Canadian Coin

Reddit | kraydan

Leave it to the Canadians to make something this rad. This coin with a picture of the northern lights on it actually glows in the dark! What? That's so awesome. I really want one now.

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17. This Baby Bottle

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

If you've had a baby, you know how hard it is for them to hold a regular baby bottle. Well, somebody took that to heart when they designed this amazing bottle holder. And it's pretty cute, too.

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18. These Crayons

Reddit | coffee-chugger

Do you know those family-friendly restaurants that give you crayons to write on the table? Those crayons usually end up on the floor. But this restaurant invested in these hexagon ones that definitely won't roll away. That's so cool!

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19. This Juicer

Reddit | ChrisKitz

Well, if this isn't the slickest design of a juicer I've ever seen, I dunno what is. I think this would not only be practical but would also look really cool in the kitchen, too. Right on.

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20. This Ice Cream Sandwich

Reddit | ChillySummerMist

If it wasn't already cool enough to eat an ice cream sandwich, this one, believe it or not, comes with a comic. It's embedded right on the cookie. Whoa, that's one wicked ice cream.

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21. This Bar Accessory


You never have to worry about chugging down that beer before it gets too warm when you're at this bar. They have a bone-chilling metal strip right at the bar to keep your drinks cold.

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22. This Dog Pen

Reddit | Flixen01

Speaking of chilly ideas, how cool is this store in Copenhagen that set up a cute, air-conditioned dog pen? You can leave your pooch to chill out while you do your shopping. This is such a brilliant idea. Right?

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It turns out there are brilliant designs everywhere.

Giphy | America's Got Talent

Sometimes we may not even notice them while they serve their purpose. But, it actually took a clever person to design it and I, for one, am very thankful for them.

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