8+ Home Decor Choices From People With Questionable Taste

We all have different tastes when it comes to home decor, and that's totally okay in my book. After all, that's what makes us different and unique.

But sadly there are some decor choices that I would consider questionable even on a good day. Turns out that in these situations these folks don't seem to have gotten the memo. Ugh.

1. This Bedroom

Perhaps we're just used to seeing tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen, and anything else out of the ordinary is too much. But still, this tiled bedroom with an elephant starring at you is just weird.

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2. This Toilet

For someone like me who's just a little bit claustrophobic, going to this bathroom would be the thing of nightmares. How would you like to get stuck here? Terrifying.

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3. This Living Room Set-Up

Talk about multitasking here. I guess this person really wants to do laundry and watch TV at the same time. Perhaps they could've just put the TV in the laundry room instead? That's an idea.

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4. This Table

Um, I don't understand the concept of this table here. I feel unsafe just by looking at it. Is it just me or do you fear for your life when you look at this too? Oh, my.

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5. This Shower

Honestly, if it wasn't for the giant open shower in the middle of this bathroom, all would be okay with this design. And then they had to ruin it with pretty much the dumbest idea ever. Just why?

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6. This Mosaic

Clearly this person is really proud of the fact they took a mosaic class back in college. Now they simply cannot let go of that design and thought it would be a perfect addition to their bathroom.

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7. When Everything Matches

When people are new to decorating, they think everything has to match. That's actually not the case at all and can lead to a pattern overload like this room. Does this person love the color red or what?

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8. This Kitchen Island

"No man is an island," as they say, but in this case, whoever thought this kitchen island idea was a good one needs some serious space to read their morning paper. This makes me feel sad for them.

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9. These Gates

Talk about taking baby-proofing the house to a whole new level. I think this could have been done so much better. But whoever got hired to do this just took the easy route out. Just unbelievable.

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10. This Drapery

I've seen some questionable things used as window drapery but I can proudly say I've never seen anything quite like this before. This is too bizarre to even try to comprehend. It's pretty much just ugly AF.

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11. These Toilets

I know some people seem like they're attached at the hip but is it weird that I think some things should be private? Like going to the bathroom? Am I wrong on that one or what? LOL!

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12. This Bathroom

Why would you even put stairs in a bathroom like this? This looks like a disaster waiting to happen even if you're sober. LOL! I can see myself tumbling down those things and it wouldn't be pretty.

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13. This Stair Design

OMG, is this the house of Chewbacca or Sasquatch or any other hairy creature? Otherwise, I don't know why would anyone think putting this much hair on their steps was in any way okay. Totally weird.

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I might not be an interior designer by trade but I think I know a thing or two about what actually looks good or not.

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These examples are to be avoided at all costs. Which one do you hate the most?

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