9+ People Who Found Weird Treasures Hiding In Plain Sight

People find gems every day especially when they least expect it. Remember that time when you opened a bag of chips only to find a weirdly-shaped treat? That's always an awesome surprise.

But isn't it even more awesome when you stumble upon something that's been hiding inside of another thing? Doesn't that just rock your world? It definitely did for these folks.

1. This Potato Chip Find

Reddit | drummachine621

This person found a whole fried potato inside their bag of chips. Whoa, that's like a tater tot. OMG, I would be so happy if that happened to me. This is making me hungry already.

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2. This Bocce Ball

Imgur | bookfancier69

I gotta admit, I've seen this before. I guess this is just how bocce balls are made. They stuff other balls inside of them. Why? Perhaps to make them heavier. I dunno, it's just my guess.

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3. This Tree Stump

Reddit | toriyo

This person cut down a bush and they found a perfect little tree design inside of it. I love it when that happens. It's like nature's way of giving you a special surprise. Ah, so pretty.

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4. This Stuffed Toy


I don't think this person expected to find a buff pig inside their dog's fitness pig toy. Ha, ha! That's so funny. I wonder why they stuff that inside? Does it squeak? I'm full of questions here.

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5. This Jean Pocket

Reddit | EvilIndustry

So interesting for Levis to have writing on the inside of the pocket that reminds you to donate the jeans when you no longer need them. That is such a neat idea to do. Isn't it?

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6. This Eggplant

Reddit | ChunkyCharcoal

Who else loves to make eggplant stew? I do, I do! But if I found what looks like a butterfly pattern inside of one of my eggplants it would make it that much harder to eat it.

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7. This Orange

Reddit | nickbickerstaff

How cute is this orange that has a baby orange inside of it? I dunno why or how often this happens but it's so interesting when you do find it. I almost feel bad for eating it.

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8. This Chicken Egg

Reddit | booty-loops

How cool would it be if you found that your chicken laid an egg inside of an egg? Whoa, I've never seen that happen before. How does that even happen? Any chicken experts here that can explain?

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9. This Walnut

Reddit | Greecy21

What would you do if you found this inside a walnut that you've cracked? This looks like it belongs in some kind of a scary movie. I dunno, but it looks possessed to me. Don't eat it.

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10. This Rock

Reddit | RodrigoMilos

If you're ever lucky enough to pass by a rock that's been cracked you might actually find another rock inside of it. That's a pretty cool occurrence if you ask me. I wonder how often that happens?

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11. This Captain Morgan Whiskey

Reddit | CaptainRexAKACT-7567

How cool that the inside this bottle of Captain Morgan's whiskey you can see the skeleton of the captain on the inside of the label? I never knew they did that. That's so awesome indeed.

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12. This Dog Toy

Reddit | fluorescent_noir

Turns out this is a thing. This person's dog finally ripped her favorite toy and they realized there was a smaller, even more, squeaky toy inside! Oh my gosh. That's like a two-in-one kind of deal.

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13. This Yard Decoration Find

Reddit | sansonmr

So when this person broke one of their yard decorations that had two frogs what they found inside was a pig playing guitar. Ha, ha! Does that happen to you too? That is so unusual.

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See? You never know what you can find inside of an object or even a fruit or vegetable.

Giphy | SpongeBob SquarePants

Sometimes the universe treats us to these special gems. So next time you find one, just take some time to enjoy it.

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