15+ Pics That Prove Pugs Are Some Adorably Odd Dogs

Dan 19 May 2020

Pugs are great dogs. But (and I say this in the most loving way possible), they're also weird little gremlins, and may in fact come from another planet.

Let's celebrate the weirdness of pugs. Things are bound to get cute, so try to stop yourself from snuggling the screen.

1. Room for two.

Reddit | Littlevivvie

One nice thing about pugs is their compact size. Sure, each one is built like a little brick hithouse, but the overall footprint is small enough for stunts like this.

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2. Blep.

Reddit | [deleted]

Bleps happen to pretty much every pet. With pugs it's especially understandable, given the fact that their nose and tongue are all mushed up in the same squishy area of their face.

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3. Ready for your trip?

Reddit | dahulin

These pugs are exhibiting a cat-like ability to get completely in the way while their human tries to get things done. I don't think they're going on this trip.

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4. All snuggled up.

Reddit | imkindacute666

This pug-rito isn't the most burrito-esque pug you'll find (to see that one, just keep reading). But I do love how contented its little face looks.

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5. Wear some flowers in your hair.

Reddit | whitelinencp

On a sleek black pug like this, an elegant daisy necklace really pops. While his eyes may be unsure, I think this little pug is ready for the red carpet.

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6. Monch.

Reddit | hummusful

Pug or not, you really need to be careful when your dog is a known biter of electronic devices. If you're not, that new pair of Beats By Dre may be a chew toy.

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7. In the light.

Reddit | oldncrazy

This little pug appears slightly dazzled by the rays of sunlight on its face. Maybe the best option is to just snuggle back underneath that cozy warm blanket.

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8. Spa day.

Reddit | diciembres

When it comes to giving your dog a bath, you need to go with whatever works. This option actually seems like it was explicitly designed for pug baths.

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9. Sears photo studio.

Reddit | Zachums

If you love your pug, you'll take a million pictures of it. If you really love your pug, you might take it down to the nearest Sears for some glamour shots.

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10. Gnome vibes.

Reddit | [deleted]

This little pug is all bundled up for a day of peeing on those flowers in the background. At least it looks good doing it.

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11. In bloom.

Reddit | bhavjotpahuja

Those dog cones are demeaning to dogs, and even a little bit to humans as well. With a bit of construction paper, you can transform your coned pug into a beautiful daisy.

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12. No legs whatsoever.

Reddit | Freeaxl

It's incredible how a pug, which is frequently an awkward and clumsy dog, can neatly fold all its legs underneath, in such a way that it looks like they never existed in the first place.

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13. Let's roll.

Reddit | tran_clan

Gear up for all of life's uncertainties by equipping your pug with a tactical vest. With a little bit of training, you've got the ultimate sidekick on your hands.

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14. Awww.

Reddit | 17731773

Pics like this are proof that, when you really get down to it, there's basically no difference between actual babies and fur babies.

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15. Garden helper.

Reddit | whitelinencp

I suspect this pug might be more of a hindrance than a help, but when your garden assistant is this cute, it's hard to tell them to go away.

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16. Majestic.

Reddit | clairebear63

Blue skies, big smiles, and a slightly demonic-looking pug. What does it all add up to? These are the signs that summer is finally upon us.

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17. All dolled up.

Reddit | simpleseamu

One of the best things about pugs is their willingness to wear costumes. I mean, when your dog is this cute it's hard not to dress them up from time to time.

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18. Pug in a blanket.

Reddit | Jakem8058

I don't know what business this pug has looking so frightened when it's clearly in a comfortable, luxurious situation. Maybe he's just trying to blend in with the blanket.

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19. 'ello guv'nah.

Reddit | Sabi-Nka

The moment a pug owner watches Peaky Blinders, then realizes the title almost sounds like "Puggy Blinders", an outfit like this is basically inevitable.

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20. Pugrito.

Reddit | amy9419

It looks like an ewok inside a burrito, but it's actually just a pug in a blanket. I think so, at least.

Share your favorite pug stories in the comments section!

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