11+ Items That Were Restored To Look Good As New

One of the things I might be considered weird about is cleaning. I'm a bit of a clean freak. I mean who else finds it so satisfying when they get rid of those stubborn stains on the carpet or get that kettle all looking shiny and new?

Isn't that the best? Ha, ha. If you're like me you'll enjoy these immensley.

1. This Deck

Reddit | babytomato666

I've heard of people using their power washers to clean just about anything, but I gotta admit that I haven't seen results as dramatic as this photo before. This deck looks like it's totally brand spanking new now.

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2. This Carpet

Reddit | LittleWhiteLines

This carpet was so stained that its original owner didn't even realize it had a pattern. What? OMG, that's pretty bad if you ask me. So glad to see it be brought back to its original glory.

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3. These Rocks

Reddit | /micky_a01

Who knew that rocks can look this old, dirty, and dull? All you need is to give them a good scrubbing to find that this is what they actually look like. That's quite a difference here.

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4. This Smoker

Reddit | lostandalong

Who says you can't get an awesome deal on Craigslist? This person only paid $20 bucks for a smoker, then spent a month making it pretty. Now it looks like this. OMG, doesn't it look brand new?

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5. These Stairs

Reddit | ConnorAppleseed_2-0

It's amazing what a little clean up around your property can do for the overall look. These stairs definitely needed some TLC and now they look like they just got done like week ago. Nice job here.

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6. This Kettle

Reddit | uraniumbombs

Forget all those nasty chemical agents you might've been persuaded to use to clean this kettle. Just boil it in vinegar and lemon and then do some scrubbing to get it gorgeous and shiny again.

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7. These Sneakers

Reddit | demarderollins

You would think that spending $8 to buy these used Converse sneakers may not have been worth it, but after this awesome clean-up job, I bet you'll be changing your tune real fast. Wow, I'm impressed.

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8. This Chair

Reddit | vlone17

It's amazing what you can score at Goodwill for only $9 bucks. This unassuming chair that looked just okay when it was bought looks pretty spectacular now after some cleaning and shining. That is such a great find indeed.

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9. This Oven

Reddit | LeeHarveyT-Bag

I had a similar situation with my old oven which I thought looked pathetic and pretty much gave up on it. Then my mom and I rolled up our sleeves and got it spick and span. It takes work, but it's possible.

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10. This Picnic Table

Reddit | Samsquanch_7

If I saw this picnic table in its previous state, I would've been like toss it, it looks terrible. I never would've thought it can look like this after a thorough clean up job. Wow!

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11. This Dining Set

Reddit | alkaseltzerwitch

It's amazing that some people can look at a piece of furniture and know exactly what they need to do to make it look better. This is what was done here and it looks pretty fabulous.

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12. This Tub

Imgur | megpIant

I can't believe the state of this iron-stained tub. Who would have thought this could actually be cleaned? I gotta be honest, I didn't have too much confidence in this restoration job. I'm happy to stand corrected, though.

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13. This Purse

Reddit | vstartledpancake

This pretty purse from the '80s has seen some better days for sure. But not to worry, as you can see here, there is hope for it. Now it looks like it's ready to party again. Ha, ha! "From bleh to brilliant," said the Reddit user who posted this photo and described the transformation.

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14. This Playroom

Reddit | u/Chrissykissthecorpse

It must've been so satisfying for this person to clean their kids' playroom because the state it was in before was let's just say disastrous. Hehe. And just look at it now. It looks absolutely brilliant now.

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15. This Desk

Reddit | u/karalee87

When you get a desk at Goodwill for only $20 bucks it could end up being a hit or miss. In this case, whoever restored this one definitely scored a really good piece. How lovely is this?

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16. This Paving Job

Reddit | u/tanbirj

'Use a power wash tool', they said. And so this person did and they discovered that this pavemement does look amazing underneath after all. Oh wow, that's quite the dramatic difference here indeed. Great job.

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17. This Old Chair

Reddit | u/Politicallyoldbroad

Who says what's old can't be new again? In this case, this person definitely proved them wrong. This chair looks okay, to begin with, but nothing to write home about. Now, it has a new lease on life.

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18. This Floor

Reddit | u/pedro0418

Here's another great example of what power washing can really do. I wouldn't have guessed that this old dirty floor looked as colorful underneath all that. Would you? That's such a fantastic job here. I'm totally impressed.

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19. This Roof

Reddit | u/Aettike

I've never seen anyone power wash a roof like that but after seeing what a difference it makes I see why they would do it. This house will look like new afterwards. Don't you think? Pretty awesome.

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20. These Lawn Chairs

Reddit | u/Chickensonthebeach

Oh my goodness, if I saw these lawn chairs for sale somewhere I would've been like 'no thanks, I'll pass'. Haha. I can't believe this person made them look so good. This set is stunning now.

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21. This Espresso Machine

Reddit | u/barista_champ

Oh yuck. I never would've thought something like this could be lurking in an espresso machine. That's pretty gross. Nothing that some descaling won't fix though. This old grime didn't put up much fuss after all.

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22. This Cabinet

Reddit | u/LeenBXL

I gotta admit this old cabinet definitely looked dated. This person wanted something to brighten their space so they just cleaned it with soda and hot water. Used grey primer and finished with a regular Levi's wood paint.

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Wow, these people do make it look easy, huh? It seems like even when all hope is lost you can restore most stuff to its original glory or make it look even better if you're really smart and hard-working. Nice!

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