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15+ Fascinating Pics That Showed Us Something New

Ryan Ford 21 May 2020

I'll admit that by the time I was done high school, I thought I had a pretty good chunk of life figured out. College has a way of humbling a young, confident mind, however, and ever since then, it's been easy to maintain a more open stance toward knowledge. Even with the miracle of Google at our fingertips, there's always something more to learn!

So, here are a bunch of fascinating pics that for us, at least, were completely new.

1. Just one house in this area was left standing after Hurricane Ike flattened Gilchrist, Texas in 2008.

Reddit | joeepeterson03, Ray Asgar

Although the homeowners had previously lost a house to Hurricane Rita in 2005, they weren't as relieved as you'd think when they saw their home had survived, as they lamented the loss of the entire neighborhood.

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2. On the Moon, there's a commemorative plaque to those who lost their lives in pursuit of the space program.


The plaque recognizes the ultimate sacrifice made by 14 astronauts and cosmonauts, and was placed on the lunar surface in 1971 by Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott.

Remarkably, this wasn't an official NASA initiative, but something put together by the Apollo 15 astronauts themselves and snuck aboard the lunar module.

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3. One of those "when you see it" moments that makes some sense in terms of efficiency.

Reddit | PhartParty

Apparently, a key chain manufacturer wanted to vary its lineup while reducing waste, so instead of making new frog key chains, they covered their little bear key chains in green fabric and put eyes on the ears.

It kind of works as a frog, but you have to admit, that is definitely shaped like a bear.

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4. The different kinds of medical scans are demonstrated here on a banana.

Reddit | poPliNm0

Just in case anyone was wondering what information the various scans could display, here you go. They do look remarkably different, even though the fruit didn't change at all. Fun fact, bananas are radioactive!

But you'd need to eat an average of 274 of them a day for seven years to feel the effects.

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5. Some poplar comes with a natural "rainbow" in the grain.

Reddit | Hapifacep

This wood came from a tulip poplar, also known as a yellow poplar, that was injured when it was young. The wild colors in the tree's core were caused by a mineral imbalance, and that imbalance was due to the injury.

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6. Oh, how different things could have been.

Twitter | @BeschlossDC

The man we remember fondly as The Colonel once had political ambitions and ran for State Senate in Kentucky in 1951.

Obviously, he didn't win, and in 1952, he started adopting the 'Colonel Sanders' image we all remember.

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7. I guess this is why they call it a "king" cobra.

Reddit | Nic0487

Because it's a massive snake, much larger than you might expect because most depictions of it in media focus rightly on its head.

But the king cobra is indeed the longest venomous snake in the world, and has been measured at up to almost 20 feet in length.

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8. The Google Street View car can't go everywhere, like where there aren't any streets, for example.

Reddit | Steepo_

Nevertheless, Google's mappers are determined to get as much of the planet on camera as possible, and so when it came time to traverse the world's deserts, they turned to a classic desert solution: camels.

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9. Sometimes accidents turn out surprisingly interesting.

Reddit | buttcheekjones

In this case, someone left a tub of blue cheese dressing unmonitored for too long and it grew, well, this.

It's not mold, but a yeast or bacterial biofilm. Although it's not quite as nasty-looking as mold, I would still pitch it, personally.

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10. When a stray cat decided to make a bear habitat its home, it got its own sign.

Reddit | lizz401

Seems like this interspecies cohabitation is going well so far, and here's hoping they keep getting along because it's adorable.

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11. Okay, this is a fitting tribute.

Reddit | mtkeepsrolling

Outside a home that once belonged to L. Frank Baum, the city of Chicago installed a yellow-brick sidewalk to honor the author of the classic Wizard of Oz.

You don't have to ask what those city officials would do if they only had a heart.

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12. And this fungus has a fitting name: crown-tipped coral fungus.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

There is something decidedly regal about this arrangement, isn't there? I mean, for a fungus. Although it bears a nautical name, this fungus grows on wood near the ground.

Be careful with it - there are other mushrooms that look similar to it that are not edible.

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13. Coincidence or causation?

Reddit | -ThatGingeKid-

The dandelions in this pic are divided into two types: those with yellow heads, and those that have developed into puffballs. But the yellow headed dandelions are all in the shade, and the puffballs are all in the sun.

It just means the ones in the sun have gone through their life cycle faster, so it's not just coincidence.

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14. What a good spot for a nap.

Reddit | wittynamehero

Never thought of frogs as looking for the center of a flower for a nap - they're typically more drawn to shady, moist ground, but this rose obviously made a perfect place for this froggy to curl up.

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15. This house has its own manhole right underneath the hallway.

Reddit | 32eugop

According to one commenter, it's been known to happen in the U.K. in certain circumstances in which an extension is added to the house.

Local councils would grant permission provided the homeowner allows access to the manhole if maintenance is needed.

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16. This antique light bulb features a flower-shaped filament.

Reddit | blurryface909

The Aerolux company produced a range of light bulbs like these starting in the 1930s and right up to the 1970s.

As novelty light bulbs go, you could do much worse than these attractive pieces.

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17. Eminem has his own chainsaw-wielding action figure.

Reddit | Squixo

In fact, this action figure sold in 2001 is now a decently valuable collector's item, fetching a few hundred dollars on eBay.

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18. Is that a coffee grinder in the stock of a Civil War-era rifle?

Reddit | Human02211979

Well, yes and no. It is a Civil War-era rifle, and that is a grinder in the handle, but it was meant for horse feed, not coffee.

Someone did try grinding coffee in it, too, but it didn't work very well.

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19. Well that's a different look.

Reddit | stbernardus

Chicago's Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower - and try telling anybody it's not Sears Tower - is normally the majestic standout in the city's skyline, but it looks positively menacing here after flooding caused a power outage.

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20. A science project that might have gone too right.

Reddit | Thespianage

Fifteen years after the fact, someone dug up their high school mummification project that they performed on an orange.

"I know we split the orange and scooped out all it’s guts," they wrote. "Then we dried them out with salts and something else for a couple of days. Then we stuffed them with herbs and some other packings. Then we wrapped them in treated rags and glued everything together. To be honest, it smells nice. A lot like nutmeg."

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