11+ Times People Hit The Food Jackpot

We all know that winning the actual lottery is nearly impossible. I still try— believe me — but let's just say I'm not counting on it.

But there's one other way to truly win at life and it has to do with food. When you get those few extra fries or a grande latte instead of tall, it can definitely make your day.

1. These Doritos


Imagine the surprise on this person's face when they found a huge ball of nacho cheese in their bag of Doritos. Whoa, that's amazing. Isn't it? I would totally eat it. I mean, why not? It's just cheese after all.

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2. This Watermelon

Reddit | hardlyworking_lol

This virtually rindless watermelon looks like it would be perfect on a summer day. Is this a thing of beauty or what? Not only is it rindless, but it looks so red and gorgeous. I bet it tastes sweet like no other.

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3. These Eggs


Not only did this person end up with one egg with double yolks, but they actually got a whole carton of them. What? How can that even be possible? I thought it was just a fluke.

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4. This Cheeseburger

Reddit | pinkflyd25

Talk about the absolute perfection of a cheeseburger here. I always strive to make my cheese melt evenly over the burger, but honestly, it pretty much never happens. This is like an expert poured it over. Ha, ha!

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5. These Nuts


I would have thought the largest number of peanuts anyone ever found in a single shell would be, like, three or something. This person scored big here and ended up finding five. I said five, people! Wow, nice.

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6. These Bananas


If you're like me and always end up sharing a banana with your spouse, now you don't have to. Each of you can have one of their own with this two-for-one deal here. Oh wow! So cool.

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7. This Bacon Deal


This guy went to Five Guys one night as they were closing. They asked him if he wanted extra bacon because they were going to throw it out. Needless to say, he didn't expect this. OMG!

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8. This Curly Fry


Some people wait their whole life to score that famous long curly fry and this guy just pulls one out like it's just a normal Friday night. This is making me so hungry for fries now. LOL!

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9. This Potato Wedge


Speaking of potatoes, I like them in any shape or form. From fries to baked to wedges. So if I scored this giant wedge in my order, I would either eat it or frame it. Ha, ha!

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10. This Collard Green

Reddit | ThatDIYCouple

What? Who in their right mind would have thought that a collard green leaf could grow that big? I bet these folks didn't expect it either by the looks on their faces. Oh, my. That's priceless.

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11. This Hot Dog Pack

Reddit | epic_crackers

I always wondered why you sometimes got a package of with an extra item in it. Do you think a machine messed up or was it a worker who wanted to surprise someone? Any guesses?

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12. These Conjoined Cherries

Reddit | AIvin

I'm an absolute freak when it comes to cherries. They're hands down my favorite fruit. So if I found these in my basket from the farmer's market I would be jumping for joy for sure. Hee, hee!

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13. This Popsicle

Reddit | HubbleBubbleGum

Can you believe this person's luck? They opened a popsicle and found it had a whole Oreo inside of it. What? Was this just an accident or was someone especially generous filling this baby? Either way, score!

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14. This Rice Krispies Cereal


Here's one cool way for the universe to show you that you're number one. Imagine finding this perfectly shaped #1 in your Rice Krispies cereal. Oh, that would be so nice.

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15. This Clementine

Reddit | iamcrawfy2018

Oh, how cute! This clementine was "pregnant" and had a mini clementine inside of it. This is adorable. But I would feel kinda bad to eat it. Ha, ha! It does look delicious, though. Oh, I'm torn.

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16. These Pringles

Reddit | The_OG_Catloaf

This person must've felt like they won the jackpot when it came to getting some extra Pringles flavoring. Apparently, their whole container was like this. Talk about getting lucky. I think I would just eat the whole can. LOL!

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17. This Squash

Reddit | slowrmaths

This kid found a huge squash and he's not afraid to use it. Ha, ha! I had no idea they could actually grow as big as this. This is an anomaly if I've ever seen one. Now, go make something healthy with it!

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18. This Potato

Reddit | TheGoldenBoi_

Can you imagine if you were ever feeling down, thinking that nobody loved you and then you found this heart-shaped potato? I bet that would cheer you up. I hope it did the same for this person.

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19. This Avocado

Imgur | acharles331

OMG, this avocado with no pit is perfect for someone like me who's truly obsessed with making guac. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seeing this pitless avocado, my friends, is like winning the food lottery, indeed. Such luck.

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20. This Massive Avocado

Reddit | el-io

See, I thought that finding a pitless avocado was the cat's meow. Until I saw this one that weighs nearly 2 kg. Whoa, that's a lot of guacamole you could make with this. This is amazing.

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21. This Carrot

Reddit | gzzunie

If you're a fan of carrot cake, you would definitely be in luck with this find. I bet you could make a great one with this carrot. Oh heck, now I'm craving one. Hee, hee. They're so good!

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22. This Cabbage

Reddit | P_U_K_E_K_O

Every summer, my mom goes on the cabbage soup diet. She would have an absolute field day with this huge one. Imagine how much soup it could make? Oh, my. Probably enough to last her three weeks.

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23. This Wizard Gummy Bear

Reddit | scrensh3

This Reddit user found a wizard gummy bear in their package. Whoa! I didn't even know such a thing existed until seeing this picture. That has to be good luck.

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You know what? Sometimes people deserve a little extra in their life.


So I'm really happy to see that these folks — even though they didn't technically win the lottery — scored big in the food lottery. I'm waiting for my turn.

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