40-Proof Pickle Moonshine Will Take Bloody Marys To The Next Level

Brittany Rae 22 May 2020

Guys, are you ready for something that sounds cursed, but actually slaps? Then you're prepared to learn about pickle moonshine.

Brought to you by Ole Smoky Moonshine, pickle moonshine is the hot new Bloody Mary accompaniment right now, and honestly? I can't help but feel dangerous curiosity over this concept. Let's check it out.

So, wtf is pickle moonshine?

I wish I could tell you it involves some complicated science, or even some flavors other than pickle.

I can't. It's moonshine that has pickles in it. That's the long and the short of it.

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But here's the thing...

How great would a pickle taste in a Bloody Mary? How great would a Bloody Mary taste when made with pickle moonshine?

If Canadians can make their Bloody Marys with clam juice, you can make yours with pickle moonshine.

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Ole Smokey calls it the "Real Dill Shine."

Which is absolutely hysterical to me, but I love a good pun. On their site, they say that it is the perfect ingredient for a Bloody Mary. See? What did I tell you?

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And honestly, who doesn't want a pickle?

Go for a pickle, take a shot afterwards. That's just a good time right there.

You can find out how to get your hands on some pickle moonshine right here. Have fun, y'all!

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