Jack Daniel's Southern Peach Cocktails Are Like A Boozy Cobbler

Brittany Rae 22 May 2020

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how on board are you with peach coolers? 10? Okay, same.

Thanks to the king of alcohol brands, Jack Daniel's, you can now enjoy a sweet peach cooler in the comfort of your own backyard, no recipe required. Not to sound dramatic, but this might be the perfect summer drink.

Everyone say, "Thank you, Jack Daniel's!"

Meet the Southern Peach, the newest addition to the Country Cocktails line. It has lots of tasty brothers and sisters (wish I hadn't typed that), like Lemonade and Citrus!

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According to Chicago, the citrus pairs nicely with pizza.

Sorry, not all of Chicago. Just @chicagofoodauthority, which is official-sounding enough to convince me they know exactly what they're talking about when it comes to pizza pairings.

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Instagram | @jackdaniels_us

So, here's the deets: it's delicious, meant for summer, and should be served cold. Please do not drink it warm — not for any actual real reason, but just because I think that would taste so nasty.

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So, where can you get it?

I mean, it's Jack Daniel's. You can get it anywhere alcohol is sold. But since I'm writing this mid-2020 and maybe you're reading it at that same time, I have great news:

You can order it online.

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