8+ Houseplants That Can Actually Survive In Low Light

Brittany Rae 22 May 2020

Do you love plants, but plants don't love where you live? No worries, I got you.

There's a whole frontier of plants that are totally cool living in low-light environments. Whether you're in a basement, an apartment that doesn't get a lot of sun, or a house that JUST doesn't get a lot of light, these plants may be for you!

1. Spider Plants.

Unsplash | Lucian Alexe

You know what a spider plant wants? To be away from light. No, really. It doesn't want direct sunlight at all, so you can keep it somewhere more shaded and it'll be just fine!

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2. ZZ Plants.

You're going to have to work your butt off to kill a ZZ plant, because it is hardy af.

(Please don't... Please don't try and kill a plant. For the record.)

Anyway, this is another one that is happy not being in the sun. You know the drill.

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3. Calathea.

Flickr | scadoxus

Calatheas are a little picky. They absolutely do thrive in low light situations, but they require constant moisture. So make sure to water them regularly! And you, too. Eight ounces of water a day at LEAST.

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Unsplash | Kara Eads

Sorry, that's in all caps because I am very excited by how badass monsteras are. They prefer not to be in a lot of sunlight, so scoot it away from the window and take a ton of selfies with it.

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5. Dracaena reflexa.

Flickr | joyful JOY

Dracaena reflexa is so happy in low light that it actually even dislikes indirect light. No, really! It browns in full sunlight, so make sure to keep it away from those rays.

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6. Rex Begonia.

Flickr | RockledgeGardens

So, just so we're clear, I am not calling this the T-Rex begonia. Thanks.

It is an incredibly colorful plant that loves low light. Allow its soil to dry between waterings!

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7. Ivy.

Giphy | Living Stills

I mean, you probably saw this coming. Ivy loves to hang out in low to medium light. It also doesn't like a lot of watering, so it's super low maintenance. You can't kill it! (That is not a challenge.)

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8. Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky bamboo is incredibly cool. You can actually keep it in water! You just have to change that water weekly. Or you can choose to plant it in soil, where it'll need regular watering.

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9. Snake Plants.

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

First of all, I fully believe in you. I know you can't kill a snake plant, because snake plants are pretty damn impossible to kill.

Secondly, they're so chill just being left alone. They just vibe. That's a mood.

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10. Chinese Evergreen.

Etsy | findusintheforest

Chinese Evergreens are incredibly easy to grow, and are very beginner-friendly. They're fine in low light, can tolerate drying out (but don't...do that), and just need some well-draining soil. You can totally do that, right?

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11. Staghorn Fern.

If you're like, "What's a Staghorn Fern?" Then allow me to inform you: it is a fern.

I KNOW. They prefer to be mounted or hung, and they insist on indirect light. They're divas.

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12. Pothos.

Unsplash | Kevin Lessy

Another plant that is very beginner-friendly, Pothos are super happy in moderate light and like to be dry between waterings. You can handle that, I know you can!

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13. Arrow Head Plant.

Etsy | findusintheforest

Well, you sure can see why it was named that. This plant is very easy to care for, since it's fine in low light and just needs regular watering. However, watch it — this plant likes to creep, and it's not good for houses with pets or kids. It's a little poisonous.

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14. Peace Lily.

Lilies are so stunning, you guys. And they're tough as hell! They can thrive in very little light — even no light, if it really has to. Now that's a plant that's going to be loyal for life.

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15. Bird's Nest Fern.

Etsy | flowersbyjames

This fern looks like my hair after I crimped it in 7th grade. They grow best in partial shade, so make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight.

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16. Philodendron.

Anyone else hear Robert Downey Jr.'s voice when they read "Philodendron"? Like from Sherlock Holmes? No? Okay.

So, Philodendron. It looks a bit like a Pothos with veins, and it's cool with low light.

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17. Maidenhair Fern.

Another fern! Ferns just feels so cozy to me, but that might be because I live in the Pacific Northwest. Anyway, you and a Maidenhair Fern are going to be happy together, because they're fine with low to medium light!

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18. Cast Iron Plant.

This plant was named very well. Like that cast iron skillet that can take just about anything, the plant version is a beginner's best friend. It doesn't need full sun, or regular watering. (I mean, water it. But give it some space, okay?)

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19. Dieffenbachia.

Flickr | KarlGercens.com GARDEN LECTURES

I also don't know how to pronounce that, but that's okay. Wait. Okay, it's diffen-back-ee-ah? Right? Okay, now we're good.

So. Dieffenbachia. They want low to medium light, and to dry between waterings. That's it!

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20. Prayer Plant.

Etsy | JJsPlants

This plant looks like a lady bug to me, so naturally I want one immediately. It's fine in low light, but it likes indirect light best. Put it near a window and watch it grow!

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21. Nerve Plant.

PINK PLANT. Pink. Plant. It wants filtered sun or partial shade, just enough drainage in its soil, and yeah...some of them are pink. What more do you need to hear? It's the perfect plant.

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22. Anthurium.

These things look like faux plants, but they're so amazingly real. The flowers come in multiple shades, though the most iconic is red. They should be kept consistently moist and bloom in low light!

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