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Beautiful Lilac-Breasted Rollers Are The Living Embodiment Of Spring Colors

Amy Pilkington 22 May 2020

Did spring even exist this year? I swear that, in my area, the mid-March-through-early-May season just flip-flopped between "Summer is here!" and "Just kidding, still winter."

It doesn't help that I couldn't get out and wander much to take in the spring colors where I could find them. It's warm and lovely now, but those first blushing blooms are wilted and the brighter, livelier ones are poking their heads out.

I love them too, but I still feel like I missed out on an important part of seeing the world reawaken after winter.

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So when I stumbled upon this image of a lilac-breasted roller in my Instagram feed this morning, I had to stop and appreciate its spring-like colors.

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And not just one spring-like color, either. These birds have them all!

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Obviously, their name comes from their lovely purple breast feathers, but I'm quite enamored with their turquoise bottoms.

Unlike most bird species, there isn't much visual difference between the males and females. They all get to be fabulous.

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These guys make their home throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and can be found in areas of savanna or open woodland.

Wikipedia | Diego Delso

Both Kenya and Botswana consider it their unofficial national bird.

They are under no current threat of extinction, and actually live quite long for birds, averaging 9-11 years.

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Lilac-breasted rollers aren't flocking birds. Rather, they live alone or in small family groups.

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In fact, they are believed to be monogamous and, once mated, spend their lives living and breeding together with their partner. Awww.

h/t: The Spruce

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