Quotes For People With More Than A Little Cabin Fever

Amy Pilkington 22 May 2020

So how is everyone's 2020 from hell going? Me? I'm still working from home and wildly swinging between boredom-spurred bouts of home organization and 12-hour Netflix binges.

Yesterday, I heard my neighbors in their backyard and not-so-subtly began tossing recycling into the back porch bins in a desperate bid for them to notice I was there and strike up a conversation.

No, I wasn't going to start the conversation myself. That would be too needy.

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Sadly, they didn't bite and I returned inside to continue to have elaborate one-sided conversations with my dogs.

It's okay. They don't judge my pjs or dietary choices anyway.

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As an introvert with plenty of solitary hobbies, I thought I was ready for this.

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And maybe it took me a little longer to get cabin fever than my extroverted friends, but I really miss getting out of the house.

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It's amazing how much I actually miss browsing.

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And I used to hate browsing. I thought I was a 100% get-in-get-out kind of shopper, but nope. I want to wander the aisles and pick up random tchotchkes just for the joy of deciding not to buy them.

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Instead, I'm impulse-buying at midnight because Amazon showed me an ad on Facebook and I haven't gotten mail in three days.

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Mail has become how I know the world beyond my neighborhood exists. Because stuff comes from the outside world.

I literally had to remove my saved credit card info from my browser, because getting up to get my wallet at least forces me to consider the purchase for a few seconds longer.

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