Artist Covers Her Entire Home In Painted Flowers During Quarantine

While some people complain about having nothing to do during this quarantine time, others seem to flourish. It is especially true of artists. This time seems to be the perfect time to take on creative projects.

That's what Nathalie Lété is doing with her country house. She decided to paint the whole place with intricate motifs and it's looking amazing already.

Nathalie owns a Maison Atelier Suzanne which is located about an hour away from Paris.

It's in a cute little village next to the Loing river and the forest of Fontainebleau, and a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle.

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When she first got the house, she decided to paint it all over.

But first she started with a blank canvas and ended up painting all the walls white. Then, she started to paint some floral patterns and other motifs.

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At first, she only painted when she could find the time, but now due to the pandemic, she's had about two whole months to concentrate on her delicate paintings.

And you can definitely see how much progress she has made.

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Nathalie's inspiration largely comes from folk art.

She's been fascinated by the intricate folk details that can be seen in the small village of Zalipie in Poland I wrote about a while ago. I definitely got that vibe from her art.

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She also loves the colorful streets in the souk of Tangier, Morroco that have been painted by teenagers to beautify the area.

Of course, she puts her own little special touch to all the artwork she creates like in this bathroom.

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Nathalie actually never decides what she will paint in advance.

She likes to use her spontaneity to guide all her creative work in the house. And she always takes her time when she paints; no rush, no fuss — only pleasure.

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She mainly uses acrylic paint to embellish her house.

Her idea is to focus on one place at a time and she's attracted to naïve styles. Her two favorite paint colors in the pallet that she uses are green and pink.

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Her advice to anyone who wants to embark on a similar project is to just enjoy the process.

It doesn't matter how talented you are. You can just focus on simple patterns at first as you get more confident with painting.

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Nathalie's idea is to not only paint the walls of the house but she also plans to paint all the furniture, lamps, tiles, rugs, cushions, and other fabrics.

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She wants to be totally surrounded by her art. Isn't that wonderful?

h/t: Bored Panda

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