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15+ People Who Must Want A Do-Over On Life

Ryan Ford 22 May 2020

Do you ever have days where everything seems to go strangely smoothly? It makes you just a bit suspicious, doesn't it? We all encounter enough bumps in the road of life that we just come to expect that there will be friction on a day-to-day basis that the lack of it

Well, these folks don't have to worry about that nagging feeling of doom that must be just around the corner - it's already here, and it's bad enough that they must want a do-over on just about everything.

1. "My dad's old truck got hit by a truck carrying old rotten potato slurry to a feed lot for cows. His passenger window was down...."

Reddit | Dixo0118

So, today I learned that old rotten potatoes are made into a slurry for cow feed. And yet, I don't imagine that having cows come lick the truck clean is a real option. Maybe set it on fire and walk away?

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2. "Traveled to Norway from Florida, spent 4 hours climbing pulpit rock in 40 degree weather with rain to be blessed with this."

Reddit | JShiner

You know, even though it's not nearly the view this person was hoping for, it's still hard to take a bad pic of Pulpit Rock. So at least they have that much going for them, as disappointing as that hike must have been.

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3. "Before the days of TripAdvisor, on a family holiday to Scotland, we spent two hours walking to a famous cave expecting it to go underground and everything. This is the cave."

Reddit | ArmitageShanks3767

Uncooperative weather on a vacation is one thing, but shady tourist traps are another thing entirely. And that's one big reason why TripAdvisor and Yelp exist - to prevent such disappointments and rip-offs in the future.

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4. "My friends had a sinkhole open up in their neighbors yard. Turns out there's an entire mine underneath the neighborhood. Everyone is being evacuated and losing their homes."

Reddit | Specter017

Twelve families in a new community in Blackhawk, South Dakota had to be evacuated after a sinkhole opened up, revealing that the neighborhood had been built over top of an abandoned gypsum mine.

Time to lawyer up, amirite?

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5. Speaking of sketchy home builders...

Reddit | MisterT12

I guess that would explain any ventilation issues. Shingles are not known for their breathability.

And sadly, you hear tons and tons of horror stories like this - makes you wonder how many vents look like this underneath.

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6. "My 7 year old did a lot of chores to save up for this game. Tripped and fell on his way to put it in for the first time."

Reddit | jcklassen2009

When I was a kid, I learned a lot of lessons the hard way, too.

It's tough to figure out that running while holding a video game you're super excited to play isn't a great idea - especially when you haven't even gotten to play it yet. Poor kid.

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7. When your boating day is over before it begins.

Hope those girls have some help they can radio, or at least flag down, otherwise they have a long paddle ahead of them to get back to shore.

At least they got a good story and video out of their day.

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8. "Parked my Jeep under the porch to keep it out of the weather."

Reddit | glueall215

Looks like the weather was more determined than the Jeep owner. Good news, it's not going anywhere. Bad news, it might not go anywhere ever again.

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9. "Apparently when you lose your temper and sling a fork and it bounces just right off the counter it costs around $700."

Reddit | lawble

That's an expensive outburst! I think the best thing here is that the window stayed in place at least, so no inclement weather will force its way inside.

But wow, that person must be feeling awful about losing their temper after that.

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10. "Whipped myself into a frustrated rage trying to find my drill for half an hour."

Reddit | Brave1i1toaster

Admit it, you can see where this person is coming from, can't you? I've spent that much time looking for my phone, and I can make that ring if I need to.

That drill's camouflage is just too advanced.

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11. "Water filter installed 3yrs ago. Went to finally change the filter today, only to see that the original filters were never removed from their plastic, thus not actually filtering."

Reddit | skydra28

Sure, there are arguments to be made on where and when water filters are actually necessary, but regardless of that, if you pay for the filter, you want it to actually, you know, filter stuff.

At the same time, you'd think they would check the filter more often than every three years.

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12. "Guess I cut it too hard."

Reddit | pokemon-collector

Every kitchen needs a good, sharp knife, but this is ridiculous. Managing to ruin a plate and your lunch — because who wants potential shards of plate with their quesadilla — is kind of an accomplishment though.

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13. You have to admit, this could be worse.

Reddit | longdongwitch

I mean, at least the toilet is clean, right? Also, it's a bit of a bold move to hold your phone over the open toilet directly after dropping your glasses in.

Talk about tempting fate, amirite?

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14. "My new wireless mouse can't be turned off. Or on."

Reddit | Pissball_Jenkins

Somebody put that "QC Pass" sticker on just a bit prematurely. At least that is a legit manufacturing error. I mean, the company can't argue that point, can they?

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15. "Ordered shorts off of Old Navy, and all of them came with the security tags."

Reddit | flaminghotdillpickle

That feels like a pretty big oversight on the company's part. And what can you do about it? You can't take them off. Can you even return clothing that still has the security tags on it?

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16. Somebody's going to have quite the time untangling these cop cars.

Reddit | Zerofelero

Seriously, this looks like it's right out of The Blues Brothers. And really, if you're going to wrap your ride around any other cars, you don't want them to be cruisers.

That's just asking for extra helpings of trouble.

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17. "I need a file lost in this room."

Reddit | almeldin

This has to be one of those situations where you just sit down in the middle of the floor and reflect on all the choices you've made that led you to this particular moment in time, when life has reached peak awfulness.

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18. "Spilled concrete sealer in the pool earlier today."

Reddit | Barerraj94

As a fellow pool owner, all I can say is, ouch. I hate cleaning and vacuuming it for regular maintenance. Having to clean out this much chemical gunk is my nightmare.

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19. They called either the right or the wrong people.

Reddit | CanndAir

Although if my ride had to catch fire, I think I would want it to be engulfed in flames before it gets moved onto the flatbed. Seems easier to put them out when it's on the ground.

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20. "Pre-ordered a signed vinyl record, the band mistakenly signed the cellophane wrapping and not the album cover."

Reddit | Havoksixteen

Part of me wants to suggest that signed shrink wrap is kind of a collector's item on its own, but no. No, this just sucks. I would hope that the band would find a way to make it right for such a loyal fan, though.

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