10+ Products That Changed Their Packaging Since Our Childhoods

We all grew up with favorite products that have been ingrained in our memories since childhood. From food to toys to clothing, there's nothing that can replace those treasured brands.

But did you notice that some of our beloved items have since then totally changed their packaging? Oh, yes they have. It makes me wonder, how did we miss that?

1. Wendy's

Reddit | Max_Stoned

I vaguely recall that Wendy's packaging used to be mainly yellow. Apparently, they transitioned to the mainly red one back in 2005. That doesn't seem that long ago. Right? I wonder what made them change it to red?

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2. Pert Plus


Who else remembers those old Pert Plus commercials on TV? I remember them like it was yesterday. Haha. I never used this two-in-one shampoo and conditioner but I definitely remember this old packaging. It looks so different now.

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3. Taco Bell

Reddit | Uncommon_sharpie

Taco Bell is one company that keeps reinventing its packaging over time. I dunno how many versions they have had, but I kinda dig these yellow, orange, and purple wrappers they used to put their food in.

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4. Viennetta Ice Cream

Imgur | KarmaInFlow

Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite ice cream treats from my childhood. Do you remember how delicious and creamy it tasted? I gotta say, I actually haven't had it for a long time.

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5. Trix Cereal

If you grew up on sugary cereals like Trix you must recall that it used to come in all sorts of funky shapes and sizes. Whatever happened to that idea? Why would they change that at all?

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6. Cereals With Treats

Reddit | Henguan

Speaking of cereal, apparently back in the day they used to come with all kinds of special treats. You could pour yourself a bowl of cereal and find these spoons that remind me of lightsabers, for example. Oh, how fun. Huh?

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7. Doritos

Reddit | rwdxr4ti

I guess I'm more used to seeing the old packaging of Doritos. To me, it looked a lot more fun and animated. This new version is just a bit blah if you ask me. Bring back the color, please.

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8. Pizza Lunchables

Instagram |

I totally remember these Pizza Lunchables packages when I was growing up. They seemed so cool to bring to school with you. I had no idea they revamped the entire packaging. I guess it looks more modern now.

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9. Nestle Crunch

Reddit | illlsmith

Did you know that way back when Nestle Crunch bar used to come in a foil wrap? Oh yes, I do remember those days. There's something so nostalgic about unwrapping a chocolate bar that comes in foil.

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10. Bath & Body Works Country Apple

Reddit | GaffersB

Talk about a whole design overhaul here. This old bottle of the same product looked so much more homely. The newer version looks so slick and fancy. Ha, ha! Which one do you prefer?

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11. Propel Water

Reddit | geminisyndrome

Talking about the slick and fancy packaging, here's another example of a company that wanted to appeal to the younger generation. I don't think there was anything wrong with the other packaging but to each their own.

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12. Cherry Coke

Reddit | EMF911

Who else can recall the array of cans the cherry coke used to come in? I think these look so cool and awesome. I bet some collectors out there would like to get their hands on them.

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13. Minute Maid Juice Bars

Who else grew up munching on these Minute Maid juice bars? I'm not 100% sure I've seen those back in the day but I'm sure they tasted great. Do they still make them today?

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You know it seems that you blink and time literally flies.


So much so that we've forgotten what things used to look like. Or we didn't realize that they changed so much. Funny how that keeps happening. No? Haha.

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