7+ People Who Spent Quarantine Doing Creative Projects

Did you use your time in quarantine effectively? Or did you just waste it lying around on the couch binge-watching Netflix? Either way, I won't judge you. Ha, ha!

But, there are some people out there who decided quarantine was the right time to embark on a creative project. These pictures show us that it was definitely worth it.

1. This Penny Floor

Reddit | Nei_Nei

I dunno how this person had so much patience to do this, but apparently a lot of planning went into it. Once the province of Quebec gave quarantine orders, this guy finally had time to execute his plan flawlessly.

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2. This House Reno


If you're going to start a 'COVID Project' you might as well go big. Right? Well, looks like these people took this to heart and they ended up with the prettiest looking house on the block.

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3. This Plant Stand

Reddit | hippopowerbeast

Oh, how sweet. This guy took all the free time he had during his quarantine to build this fabulous tiered plant stand for his girlfriend. What a lucky girl. I would love to have this.

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4. These Weights

Reddit | TheOriginalSkee

The best thing you can do for yourself during this difficult time is to stay in shape. Right? But it would be a shame to use these old rusted weights. Well, now they're all ready to go.

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5. This Millennium Falcon

Reddit | GraphiteBlimp69

Star Wars fans will surely appreciate this project. This person spent five hours a day for a week straight putting it together until the last day where he worked from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. on it.

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6. This Dining Table

Reddit | Kukaac

This couple doesn't have enough space for a full dining room table in their apartment. So, they decided to build this instead. Can they come over to my place and make one for me? Love it.

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7. This Accent Wall

Reddit | BG_DeStefano

I always thought it would be so cool to have an accent wall in my house. This person who made one out of reclaimed pallet wood has given me a great idea here. It's so pretty.

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8. This Bathroom Reno

Reddit | tragicher0

Oh my goodness. Did people really have that much time on their hands that they were able to redo their whole bathrooms? Ha, ha! I wish I had that extra free time. This looks so amazing. I can't believe it.

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9. This Piece

Reddit | 4MC

Speaking of being creative. Wouldn't you like to have this piece hanging somewhere in your house? I sure would. This was a digital design that was laser cut into 10 layers of plywood and then stained brown.

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10. This Bedroom

Reddit | shazkitten

These guys took advantage of their quarantine time to revamp their bedroom entirely. The darker walls absorb more light which makes them look deeper in a way. And tricks your brain into thinking the space is bigger.

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11. This Crochet Blanket

Reddit | wild_serenity

I always admire people who have the right mindset and skills to crochet or knit. I was never able to make anything useable when I tried. This is gorgeous beyond my imagination. I love all the colors.

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12. This Polly Pocket

Reddit | ilovesheep123

Switching gears here: How adorable is this Simpsons inspired Polly Pocket this lady made? I think this is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. Talk about having patience and attention to detail here.

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13. This Bathroom

Reddit | vexorgd

I can't get over how different this bathroom now looks. This is some real talent here. I would kill to have skills to remodel stuff like this. Who needs a contractor when you can do this yourself?

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I hope looking at these pictures of creative quarantine projects didn't make you feel too bad for being lazy.


After all, not all of us are actually good at this kind of stuff. These folks are definitely artistically inclined indeed.

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