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9+ Coincidences That Made Us Question Our Own Eyes

Have you ever noticed a coincidence that proves that something is definitely up with the universe? Like, for example, if you accidentally dressed up in the same outfit as a bank teller. Or, you stood next to someone who looks exactly like you — has that ever happened to you?

Those incidences are so freaky, and these people were quick enough to snap a picture of them. Take a look for yourself.

1. These Dudes

Reddit | bmorebuns

Um, hello! It looks like these two dudes had the same exact idea of what to wear this morning. And as it happened, they both showed up at the same store at the same exact time. Imagine!

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2. This Natural Arrow

Reddit | PlantsAreEggcellent


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3. This Plane View

Reddit | lol62056

Wow, how amazing that someone was able to take a picture from the plane with this view? It looks like the cold front has formed a perfectly straight line. That's amazing.

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4. These Matching Cars

Reddit | GENE1151

What are the odds of spotting two cars of the same make that just happen to be parked next to each other? And to add to this odd situation, they're both without licence plates. Hmm, that's so weird.

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5. These Ladies

Reddit | ViggoDB

It's bad enough when you show up somewhere and you're wearing the same outfit as another person. But, when you're matching two people that's quite the shocker. Do these ladies even know each other? Nice capture. LOL!

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6. This Tree

Reddit | bazzinnggaa

Somebody was uploading a picture of a tree they took when a glitch in the system happened. And now the tree is perpetually stuck in loading mode like this. I kinda like it this way. Right?

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7. This Lady's Dress

Reddit | Koopatroopa_7

Not only is it weird to buy a dress that's half red and half navy, but then this happens. Does she own both cars? Wouldn't it be even funnier if she did? That would be classic.

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8. These Measuring Spoons

Reddit | glitchb

Imagine reaching for your box of corn starch and realizing the spoons on the box

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9. This Dog

Reddit | themattsquared

There's definitely something freaking going on here when even the shadow knows that it's casting on a dog. I would be like, "What the heck?" if I saw this in person. That is totally tripping me out.

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10. These Licence Plates


If I didn't know better I would think the people driving these cars lined up at the DMV right behind each other. Either that or the universe if playing tricks on us. Bizarre to say the least.

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11. This Reflection

Imgur | BestOfMenMustDie

Wouldn't it be fun to be driving behind this truck? I can't believe that the reflection on the tank of this truck matches the view perfectly. Isn't this picturesque or what? I absolutely love this photo.

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12. This Coincidence?


Get a load of this bizarre occurrence. This guy is wearing a t-shirt that has his hometown zip code. And his race number and finishing time all say 33607. OMG, huh? Is that a coincidence or what?

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13. These Ladies At A Vending Machine


Guys, you can't make this up. Seriously, when the universe gives us such gems, we gotta stop what we're doing and laugh. I wonder if these ladies noticed each other afterward. That would rock.

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14. This Apartment

Reddit | dBasqueMaster
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15. This Book Cover

Reddit | thefruitslicer

This is probably a case of two products using the same stock photo, but it's interesting nonetheless. This person was surprised when they realized their laptop cover had the

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16. These Ladies

Reddit | OPJesseVeronie

Looking at this photo, it's easy to see what's in style

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17. This Optical Illusion

Reddit | MyJelloJiggles

You would think that this was some weird optical illusion. But in truth, it's actually three ladies wearing the same color top with the same exact hair color. That's pretty darn cool. Isn't it? Ha, ha. Definitely thought I was looking at a mirror!

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18. These Shoes

Imgur | TWrox

Some things can really blend in but these sandals are really taking things to a new level. Wow. I mean, just wow. I gotta say, this must be the funniest thing I've seen all day today. Seriously. Ha, ha!

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I gotta say that looking at these pics really made my day.

Giphy | Laff

We gotta enjoy it when we notice things like these. To tell the truth, it doesn't get any better than this. We gotta get our laughs when we can.

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