7+ DIY Home Renovations That Could Really Use A Helping Hand

Since there are so many DIY renovation shows on TV these days, many people are under the assumption they can do it too.

Unfortunately, it's a false assumption, to say the least.

As it turns out, doing your own home reno may not be as easy as it sounds. These folks found out the hard way and we have pictures to prove it.

1. This AC Unit

Reddit | gabardipardi

Who says you need any help installing that AC when you can do it yourself quite well? It seems sturdy enough to me. Huh? LOL! I mean, I wouldn't want to see it on a windy day.

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2. This Shower


"Hire a plumber," they said. "Nah, I bet I can just wing it," said this DIYer. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is what it looks like when you try something yourself that you have no business doing. This is bad.

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3. These Stairs

Reddit | holyhelp

You would think that when you choose to install stairs yourself you would at least pick ones that look straight. At least, that's what I would look for. Good luck going down these — I dare you. LOL!

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4. This Obvious Situation


How about this for an eyesore? Does this look right to you? I think they could have done it much better, but no, they thought this was way homier. Ha, ha! It ain't pretty, but I hope it works.

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5. This Tile


Would it kill these people to get the tiles straight? Ah, that's such a small detail. I'm sure nobody will notice. But if they're a perfectionist like me, it might actually drive them crazy. It's seriously annoying me.

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6. This Convenient Toilet Paper Placement

Reddit | u/here-to-read-and-get

Well, I guess this is what happens when you're really space-challenged in your bathroom. There's no room for the toilet paper next to the toilet? No problem. Good luck trying to get this one.

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7. This Washing Machine

Reddit | DiscoStu42

When the latch on your washing machine breaks, there's no need to get a professional to fix it. Why would you do that when you could just do this instead? I wouldn't go that way, but okay.

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8. This Fan

Reddit | junkyardog77

Who needs to close a door anyway? Right? If it's between that and getting some air from the fan on a hot day I'll pick the fan. Why couldn't they move it a few inches over, though?

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9. These Radiators

Pikabu | svetlana0307

Call me crazy, but it seems a bit excessive to have so many radiator panels in a room that's only 8 square meters. That can get pretty hot, no? Unless they're planning to do hot yoga here.

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10. This Fridge

Reddit | TitiferGinBlossom

"The glass shelf broke in my Dad’s fridge. I said I’d order a new one for him. He told me not to be stupid," said the Reddit user who shared this. It looks like this Reddit user's dad found another way. Well, it technically does work. Ha, ha!

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11. This Ceiling Situation


Honestly, I don't think there's any way out of this mess. No matter how you install the stairs here, you'll still run into this problem. Is there another way to fix this? I'm all ears.

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12. This Room

Reddit | TheInward07

Um, what happened here? It looks to me like someone's measurements were way off on this project. Now, these people can have absolutely nobody staying over for fear of them plunging to their death. Yikes!

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13. These Light Switches


So, are these for three different lights, or does one light have three switches? I'm seriously confused here. Plus, it looks like a major safety hazard.

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14. This Bed

Imgur | tom63

Pallet beds are all over Instagram and Pinterest. In real life, however, these beds are not for DIY amateurs. Yikes, this does not look cozy at all. Time to buy a new bed.

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15. This Showerhead Solution

Reddit | tristangre97

Sometimes things do happen when you least expect them. Like when the shower head breaks and you absolutely need to take a shower. When this happens, don't despair. This person came up with a fix and it works...sort of.

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16. This Easy Fix

Reddit | SomethingWhicked

What do you do when the drainage pipe for your ice cooler breaks? Just get some tape and two squeeze bottles and voilà. Hmm, I wouldn't have thought of that but what do I know. Ha, ha!

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17. This Kitchen Setup

Pikabu | shurik4216

Okay, can somebody explain to me why I see an oven in a windowsill? Call me crazy but, to me, that's an unusual location for it. Isn't it? I guess this is the only space they had.

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18. These Coat Hangers

Reddit | Idiosyncraticgirl

Talk about an odd solution to fix the problem of broken hangers. This is the kind of thing you make a box of and send to a friend with no return address just to see their reaction.

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19. This Water Leak Contraption

Reddit | Goldeneye_99

This person's parents came up with a very creative gutter to guide water from a wall leak into a bucket. Wow, that might actually work. Until they have time to call a plumber that is.

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20. This Unsavory Situation

Twitter | @SJSchauer

Um, everything would be okay with this until you need to use the toilet and the washing machine is on the spin cycle. That's like playing with fire, either way you slice it. OMG!

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21. This Bathtub Location

Twitter | @SJSchauer

This is a peculiar location to put a bathtub. I have no idea how one does not slip and fall trying to get out of this one. Maybe this is for gymnasts only. One can hope.

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22. This Multipurpose Room Idea

Twitter | @Dr_Priester

Is this a living room or a bathroom? Or both? This is what happens when you can't decide which direction you would like to take. I could have told them it was a bad idea.

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23. This High Throne

Twitter | @TheNamesKSully

You know how some people call their toilet a throne? Well, clearly this person took this to a whole new level. ROTFL! I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting to see this. What if you can't climb stairs?

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24. This Tile

Reddit | dell_55

Here's another example of some poorly done DIY tile floors. How did they not know that the tiles weren't straight? Someone needs to practice making straight lines.

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25. These Drawers

I bet now you realize that putting in drawers may be harder than you think, especially when you didn't measure them outright. Ah, who needs to use these two drawers anyway? We'll just get by without them.

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You know, there is a reason you call a professional to do certain jobs.

Giphy | HGTV

I'm all for DIY, but I think there's a time and place for everything. A home reno is one of those projects where I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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