7+ People Who Took A Bad Design And Ran With It

Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, taste can also be subjective. But there are those times where something is pretty awful but the execution is flawless.

It's those designs I'm about to salute here. And you really gotta see them to know exactly what I mean. So get ready to feast your eyes on these, ahem, beauties.

1. This Nail Art

Reddit | u/KrissiKross

Speaking of facial hair, you can now celebrate your love for the 'stache right on your nails. Ha, ha! I would definitely not go for it. But if you like it that much just flaunt it already.

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2. This Winter Hat


Last time I checked, most people didn't really fancy looking at human brains. So while I applaud this intricate work this is disturbing, to say the least. Good luck when the zombie apocalypse hits. Ha, ha!

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3. This Bag

Reddit | ckkohl

You know that little silica gel pack you get in your vitamin bottle? It serves its purpose for sure. It keeps your stuff fresh. But why would anyone make it into a bag is beyond me.

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4. This Facial Hair

Reddit | Caleb_Rent_Payer

I gotta give it to whoever created this look. It's beautifully executed. Still, I dunno how I would feel if my man showed up sporting it. But then again, I'm not into that much facial hair.

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5. These Shoes

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I can't tell you how much of a fan of octopuses I am. I even have a tattoo of one. But I couldn't possibly fathom walking in these shoes. What in the heck? I just don't understand.

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6. This Finger Ring

Nadja Buttendorf

If you always fancied an extra finger, now you can get one. You can wear it just like a ring. Um, I dunno why you would want to do that. But to each their own, I guess.

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7. This Toilet

Reddit | ZockMedic

There's a reason some people choose to call their toilet a throne. Perhaps next time you think of it that way this will come to mind. If this isn't the most Gotti thing I dunno what is.

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8. This Cappuccino


I do love my cappuccinos. I've got to admit that. But I don't love this cockroach cappuccino art one bit. In fact, it's turning me off of any coffee drink right about now. Ugh, this is gross.

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9. This Cake

Reddit | cruzcontrol20

Talking about disgusting ideas. How about if your family decided to get you a cake for a very special occasion like having your first period? I dunno how you feel about this, but this is so TMI.

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10. These Sandals

Reddit | Desideratta

This is for that time you couldn't decide if you wanted to wear cowboy boots or sandals to the beach. Now you can wear both. It's really well done but I can't get over how awful it is.

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11. This Armchair

Reddit | cbfwd

If you fancy surrounding yourself with the plush feeling of being hugged by polar bears, this is definitely for you. For just about $17K you too can have this armchair. Are they for real? This is ridiculous.

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12. This Brick Car

Reddit | kumarshall

I honestly can't tell if this is just a decal or if the car is actually made from bricks. If it's made from real bricks, wouldn't that be insanely heavy? I shudder to think about what it would do to the car's suspension.

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13. This Controller

Reddit | blackstar260

Someone hacked their controller to have a snack bowl and all I can think about is how gross this thing is going to get. Maybe just put the controller down and eat a snack out of a real bowl instead?

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14. This Ashtray Cake

Reddit | Schekas

There's almost nothing more unappealing to me than a full ashtray, so why someone would make that into a cake is beyond me. Yuck, I would not eat this.

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15. These Shoes

Reddit | ScottieBoiJoe

When will shoe designers realize that women just want comfortable shoes? Stop adding a high heel to every shoe! Sometimes we just want regular tennis shoes.

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16. This After-Shave Bottle

Reddit | designer_by_day

This bottle actually looks pretty cool, but how do you actually use it? I have a feeling trying to open this would be a major pain in the butt and not worth the cool design.

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17. This Haircut

Reddit | lifesnotperfect

Wow, kudos to this hairdresser for creating a work of art that's this impressive. On the other hand, I dunno how I would feel looking at this. It's giving me the heebie-jeebies already. Too realistic, maybe?

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18. This Car

Reddit | dreaming-md

OMG! I dunno if I should laugh or cry when I look at this car. This person must be a huge fan of hippos. Otherwise, I can't explain what on earth is going on here. Yay or nay?

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I really didn't think I could find that many examples of awful ideas that are this well-executed.


But turns out there are plenty where these came from. So don't be surprised if I bombard you with a few more. Ha, ha!

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