8+ Times People Made Valuable Finds At The Thrift Store

Thrift stores are a great alternative to regular shopping spots. Not only can you find items that are hidden gems, but you can't beat the price.

So if you have some time and patience, a trip to the thrift store or a flea market may be in order. These peeps did so and scored big-ticket items for a fraction of the cost.

1. This Music Lover's Fantasy

Reddit | oxosmooches

This lucky guy found Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here vinyl that was still in a plastic wrap. It shows the numbers on the record of the first pressing and it was only $1. Whoa! Nice.

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2. This Designer Find

Reddit | CuriosityKillsKats

Can you believe a lady found this Loewe "puzzle" bag that's worth about $2,600 for only $20? As it turns out it does pay off to shop at Goodwill. And it looks good, too.

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3. This Money Bag


This lady who collects old purses from thrift stores opened one for the first time only to find this loot. This stash was hidden in a hard-to-see zip pocket in the side. Wowza!

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4. This Lucky Bride


I've heard of brides getting their wedding dresses dirt cheap at places like Goodwill. If I'd known that I could find something like this for $36 I might've tried my luck, too. Isn't it pretty?

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5. This Signed Gem

Reddit | FirstManLostOnMars

When you pick this up for only $2 at a garage sale simply because nobody knows who these guys are, that's a great find for any Harry Potter fan. Ha, ha! It's a pretty good score if you ask me, and it's quite hilarious, too.

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6. This Familiar Picture


Ah, ha, ha, ha! If you're a Seinfeld fan you'll immediately recognize this replica of George Costanza's "Art of Seduction" picture. All I can think of saying is, "it does exist." LOL! This is too funny.

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7. This Geek's Dream

Reddit | bnStela

Get a load of this! Somebody was actually fortunate enough to find this perfectly good MacBook Pro for only $9.99. And all it needs is a new battery. What? That's really amazing. Those are so expensive.

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8. This Classic Beauty

Reddit | AnnieBlackheart

Since I'm a writer, I've always wanted to type something on a cool, vintage typewriter. This would be absolutely perfect for me. And it only cost whoever found this $15. Wow, it's absolutely pristine.

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9. This Interesting Find

Imgur | Gwackr

Can you believe somebody is actually selling this at a yard sale? I mean WTF? And the fact that it seems totally unused is a bit unsettling. Why did they get it in the first place?

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10. This Exhibitionist's Favorite


Oh my! Apparently if you're a cowboy you like to bathe outdoors, and the same goes for this man. I just hope he lives in some secluded neighborhood because nobody needs to see this happening. Ha, ha!

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11. This Gentleman's Friend

Reddit | u/Samsonite314

Who knew you could find a three-piece suit in perfect condition for only $20? It's actually worth around $1,700. Wow! Maybe my fiancé should look for his suit in a thrift shop. Hmm...good idea.

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12. This Coat

Reddit | azaleeas

If you're a fan of vintage clothing you, too, would appreciate this super find. This lady scored a '90s Betsey Johnson coat for only $6. Whoa! That's pretty incredible, isn't it? That's such a nice coat, and vintage, too!

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13. This Engagement Ring

Reddit | minarima

Speaking of vintage things, I wouldn't be too mad at my fiancé if he gave me this vintage genuine diamond and sapphire ring. Especially if he scored it at a vintage shop for only $2. OMG!

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14. This Piggy Bank

Reddit | rizzy13

I wonder how often people score money that's left inside of things? This person bought a piggy bank for $7. What they found inside was $170 in cash. Whoa! That's not bad for one day's work.

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15. This Stained Glass Beauty

Reddit | keri92s

Can you believe somebody was able to buy this beauty for only $7? What a stunning find indeed. I bet they're looking forward to seeing the light shine through it. It will be so pretty.

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16. This Beach Towel

Reddit | shawnsaveyour

Oh wow, I had no idea bands sell beach towels when they go on tour. Ha, ha! I'm such a sucker for a good beach towel so I would totally dig this vintage gem. What do you think?

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17. This Total Score

Reddit | GetBehindMeSatan

Why in the heck do people hide money in their books? I don't really get that. I understand the concept, but I would totally forget where I put my money and drive myself crazy looking for it.

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18. This Coincidence


"Went to the Goodwill ... and saw a painting that looked just like one my grandmother would have painted. IT WAS HER PAINTING!! To my knowledge, they were sold about 25 years ago. I thought they were lost forever," said the Reddit user who found this. What are the chances?

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19. This "Bartman" Sweater

Reddit | MiriHawke

If you're a fellow Bart Simpson fan, I bet you'll appreciate this lucky find. I didn't know they even made these, but it sure looks like it would be fun to wear. It was only $8, too.

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20. This Pink Phone

Reddit | MrCrix

Oh my goodness, is this not the cutest phone you've ever seen? If you're like this person who collects all things pink, I bet you would be tickled pink when you found this. Wonder if it still works...

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21 This Book Lover's Dream

Reddit | wondersanchez

What would you do if you found this book signed by Hemingway himself at a yard sale? Would you treasure it or sell it to the highest bidder? I dunno. It's a toss-up for me. Ah heck, sell it.

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22. This Bling

Reddit | jnseel

This lady definitely hit the jackpot when she decided to spend $42 on this ring. As it turns out, it's one of the rarest natural colored diamonds worth more than $8,000. OMG! It's not only beautiful but really valuable.

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I really gotta get out there and visit more thrift stores. Haha.

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

It seems like a great idea but I just don't seem to ever find the patience to do it. What about you? Is this your favorite pastime?

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