16 Incredible Snow Sculptures To Fuel Your Winter Fever

Diply 2 Dec 2016

Winter is the best time of year. You get to drink tea and hot chocolate, the snow is beautiful and everyone gets so cheery with the holidays approaching. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is get bundled up and go for long walks looking at all the lights on the houses and the snowmen and other creatures children — and sometimes adults — create.

I had no idea that building snow sculptures could be so artistic, let alone so huge and so detailed!

Take a look at these and let us know what you think in the COMMENTS!

1. This looks epic! 

Instagram | @privateforums
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2. The Harry Potter nerd in me is tingling. 

Flickr | Kathy
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3. Just a couple of bears having a chat. 

Flickr | Faustus909
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4. I cannot believe how large this is! 

reddit | iam4real
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5. I cannot tell if this is a sheep or a hedgehog, what do you think?

Flickr | Tom Mortiboy
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6. Who do you think is going to win? 

reddit | lipblam
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7. Something about this is a little creepy, don't you think? 

Flickr | Pierre-Alexandre Garneau
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8. He looks a little grumpy! 

Flickr | jamiejakov
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9. The detail in this blows my mind. 

Flickr | bluegrass0839
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10. A snowy sugar skull? I'm into it. 

Instagram | @nmmng_fiction
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11. Ok... woah... can you believe this? 

reddit | MXXD
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12. Looks like this lion gave this dragon a run for his money. 

Harbin Ice | Harbin Ice
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13. This is so beautiful, the flowers look incredible. 

Instagram | @silverskatefest
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14. So, this is an entire snow fortress. How? 

reddit | QnA
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15. A thousand paper cranes! Or snow cranes, in this case. 

Instagram | @tata.lovelife
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16. Some very sassy peas in a pod. 

Instagram | @milizakimmel

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