8+ Photos That Gave Us Major Trust Issues

I have a motto in life and it goes something like this: Have high hopes and low expectations. Why you may ask? Because when you expect too much it's so much worse when you get disappointed.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have hope. Perhaps if these folks looked at it this way they wouldn't end up with trust issues.

1. This False Advertising

Reddit | 125125521

I hate when companies do this. They trick you to think you're getting a new and improved product. In actuality, it's the same exact size only the package marketing makes it appear bigger than before.

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2. This Frozen Food Fail

Reddit | Toxic_Cookie

This person made the mistake of thinking what's inside the package will live up to what's on the package. Clearly they were hoping for too much here. After all, it's only frozen food. LOL! Right?

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3. This Online Shopping Surprise

Reddit | Tzl1337

Lately, we're being pushed to shop online more and more. I get it, it's convenient and easy. But that doesn't mean it's always perfect. Sometimes what you see on the picture is completely different from reality.

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4. This Waste Of Plastic

Reddit | I_Am_Meme_Man

I thought most companies were trying to be more environmentally friendly these days. But from the looks of this, not so much. Not only is there only half the product here but that's so much wasted plastic.

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5. This Fluffy Mess

Reddit | learningtonap

So this person thought they were getting a cute, little, fluffy puppy — probably for their kid or something. What they ended up with is just a fluffy mess. What in the heck is it? LOL!

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6. This Chocolate That Went MIA

Reddit | _Cheenu

You know that craving you get for chocolate chip cookies that makes you run out to buy them? Well, what if you ended up with a cookie like this one? That would be so heartbreaking.

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7. This Total Rip Off

Reddit | izyshoroo

This person bought one of those fancy wooden pens, only to find out that the ink cartridge of the wooden pen is ridiculously tiny. I mean see the comparison with a regular ballpoint pen. WTF?

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8. This Pizza Disappointment

Reddit | m3rya

Speaking of fancy, you'd think that when you order a goat cheese pizza you'll get more than just one slice of the goat cheese. Right? Apparently, not when you order from this place. This is so tragic.

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9. This Nutella Surprise

Reddit | BlastKast

If you're as much of a fan of Nutella as some people (and I know you are, ha, ha) I bet you would get pretty peeved if you opened this package. Hmm...

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10. These Parking Spots

Reddit | DxddysKxtten666

Um, excuse me? How is anyone supposed to get into these parking spots? Is this a joke or something? I wonder who came up with this setup. I bet they're laughing their butt off.

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11. This Product Switch

Reddit | Vexcenot

Don't you just love it when the packaging of a product you used to buy all the time gets bigger? Yet the product itself just keeps getting smaller? Thanks, Pringles. That's so cool of you. Not.

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12. This Product Switcheroo


To this person's surprise, they opened a can of green beans and sadly discovered that there were diced tomatoes inside. OMG! Ha, ha. I can't say that's ever happened to me before. Talk about the ultimate deceit.

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13. This House For Rent Shocker

Reddit | zeeboguy

This person trusted the pictures of an Airbnb online. Only when they showed up to the place they realized that it's much smaller than they thought. I mean, much much smaller. LOL! For real.

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OMG, I don't blame these folks for ending up with trust issues.


I would probably feel the same way if I got deceived like this, too. Is there anything we can still trust out there? I sure hope so.

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