Explore The Intricate Beauty Of Body Paint With These Amazing Photos

Diply 28 Mar 2017

Body paint is really interesting. It is really artistic and has a variety of different platforms. For example, we see it a lot of it in fashion and professional photography, I see it a lot on social media for people who are involved with cosplay or used by people who just like to express their love for certain characters or genres.

I think it is safe to say, though, that no matter how it is being used or the kind of art that is being created, it is all pretty impressive!

Take a look at a few really cool pieces of body art!

This is really interesting, I kind of makes her look like an abstract painting.

Roustan Bodypaint | Roustan Bodypaint

What do you think?

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I know this one is small but I still think it is really impressive.

500px | Anastasia Galaktionova

I love the way they placed it on her body.

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This is really striking!

Tumblr | art42

I think it is neat they did a metallic type thing. The gold is amazing.

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All that glitter would have taken a lot of patience! 

Imgur | knickknack1111

Don't you think?

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This is beautiful! 

Instagram | @jazzy_glitter

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