8+ Times Stores Came Up With Clever Ideas To Satisfy Their Customers

When was the last time you had a shopping experience that you won't soon forget? You can't recall one, right? Me neither. It seems that stores these days care more about sales than giving people a pleasant shopping encounter.

There are, however, shops out there that do make it special for their customers. And those establishments are definitely doing something right.

1. This Slide

Reddit | Mikexp3

Sure, you could just use the stairs to go down a floor. But why would you need to do that when you could just use this fun slide instead? Ha, ha, ha! I love this shoe store.

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2. This Cart Escalator


If you've ever been to Canada and have shopped at Canadian Tire, you might've seen this unusual sighting. They actually have special escalators for your shopping cart. Yes, we're cool like that in Canada. Ha, ha!

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3. This Upcycled Equipment

Reddit | alpevado

Why throw something away when you can reuse it, right? It's really awesome to see that this clothing store reused old grocery store equipment as a display unit for their hats. I totally love this.

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4. This Outdoor Garden

Reddit | Ooooweeee

Here's a similar idea: This Trader Joe's doesn't just get rid of unsold plants but instead recycles them by planting them outside their doors. What a fantastic concept. And it looks so pretty too, no?

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5. This Produce Department


Why give people just a boring shopping experience when you can make it fun? This cool grocery store uses balloons to designate produce. I think I would prefer shopping here instead of my regular store.

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6. This Tube Aquarium

Reddit | kostya8

Who says that shopping at a mall has to be the same old, clinical shopping experience? Instead, you can feast your eyes on the world's tallest tube aquarium. How neat and cool is this?

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7. This Crayola Stand


How fun is it that Crayola has now started doing a “choose your own crayon box” station in various office supply stores? Everybody has their own favorite colors, and why shouldn't you be able to pick them?

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8. This Sports Store

Reddit | bogzaelektrotehniku

This sports store really cares about what you think about the shoes you buy there. So much so that they let you test your hiking boots on this mini obstacle course before you even buy them.

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9. This Indoor Mountain Brook


Rather than putting this mountain brook through a culvert, this mini-mall ran it right through the middle of the shopping mall. Doesn't that look so neat? What a relaxing spot to take a break.

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10. This Baby Store

Reddit | eyedubb

If you've ever had a kid you know how expensive strollers can be. Yikes — they're quite the investment. So it's really neat that this baby store has different surfaces to “road test” the strollers on. Ha!

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11. This Multi-Colored Toilet Paper Store

Reddit | FalseDmitri

Shopping for toilet paper is often a rather boring experience. But not if you shop at this Paris store that sells multicolored rolls of it. Oh my, that is the coolest thing ever. Ha, ha!

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12. These Inflatable HVAC Ducts

Reddit | threadsoul

This is definitely something you don't see every day while shopping at a grocery store, huh? This particular store has inflatable fabric HVAC ducts. I dunno how that even works but it does look cool.

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14. This Purple Store

Instagram | @nizzneyland

If you're a fan of the color purple, listen up. There's a store in Seattle that only sells things that are, you guessed it, purple. What? How amazing is that? Purple is one of my favorite colors.

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15. This Fake Prada Store

Reddit | coffeeandcontemplate

In the west Texas desert, 30 miles outside of Marfa, there’s a stand-alone fake Prada store in the middle of nowhere. I don't usually condone fake stuff but this is kinda cool, I must say.

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16. These Shopping Baskets

Reddit | saksith

How interesting is it that there are two different sets of shopping baskets at this department store in Bangkok? Pink ones for those who need help or black ones for those who want to be left alone. So neat.

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17. This Carpeted Floor

Reddit | ashappyaskings

Those floors at grocery stores sure can get pretty slippery, huh? Well, not when you shop here. This store actually has carpeted floors instead. They might be a dust magnet but I bet they do feel nice.

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18. This Music Store Hand Sanitizer Idea

Reddit | I_Crush_Your_Head

How about this for standing out in the crowd? This music store repurposed a high-hat drum pedal into a hands-free sanitizer dispenser. And yes, it works too. Oh, wow! That's a great idea.

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19. This Giant Tiger Mural

Reddit | Hotter_Noodle

There's absolutely no mistaking where you're shopping when you enter this Giant Tiger's parking lot. They actually commissioned a giant mural of, you know it, tigers. Oh my! This is so beautiful. I love it.

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20. This Unique Shop

Reddit | azzalulu

I guess people in Berlin really do love their meat — and apparently, they like to display it all over their house. No wonder this shop only sells pillows and blankets that look like various cuts of meat.

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21. This Pet Cart

Reddit | MerleChi

Not only does this grocery store in Italy let you bring in your dog, but they have carts made especially for them. Oh my gosh, that is super cool. Fido will be very happy about this.

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22. This Luggage Store

Reddit | nosmokingz0ne

You know how you buy that expensive luggage only to find out it doesn't fit the airplane's size restrictions? Well, this luggage shop lets you test the luggage and carry-on bags right in their store. Wow!

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Wow, it's so awesome to see stores really going all out to make the shopping experience for their customers a little bit more interesting.


I wish we could see more things like this all over the place. I would love that.

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