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Single Mom Creates Bilingual Teddy Bears To Teach Children A New Language

Lex Gabrielle 11 Jun 2020

Keeping our children's mind growing and blooming can take a lot of hard work. Many parents are interested in finding ways to stimulate their young children's brain to prepare them for later on in life. One thing many parents find important and imperative to do for their children from an early age is to try and teach them another language (aside from their native one).

Studies show that children who are bilingual can have additional benefits later in life.

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Not only will it make academics easier for when they enter school, but many companies and organizations look for candidates who are bilingual.

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Some kids also have families who speak two languages in the home.

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Whether it's their parents or their grandparents, some children have families who speak more than one language at home. Allowing them to immerse themselves in both languages is extremely beneficial.

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One single mother decided to come up with a fun and easy way for children to learn another language and it's absolutely brilliant.

Dr. Tameka Maiden, a single mother from Texas, shared with People Magazine that she really wanted to teach her one-year-old daughter another language. She was trying to start off with simple things, like learning colors and numbers.

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But, teaching your children to remember words is definitely not easy.

Just take it from everyone who tries to get their kids to say "momma" over "dadda," and how many times you repeat yourself over and over again. It's definitely no easy task.

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Maiden came up with the idea for "Cubby Love Bears."

"I wanted my daughter to have more exposure in the world than just English. Most kids don't learn a second language until they're in high school, so I was like, 'How about I start them early and that way, they'll have the foundation and by the time they get older, it's something that they have and they can expand off of?'" Maiden said.

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Cubby Love Bears takes care of the hard work.

The bears are programmed to help children learn how to speak English and Spanish. They help with things such as days of the week, colors, numbers, and even months of the year.

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Each bear has a different preset.

Ory, the orange bear teaches alphabet and numbers. Yancy, the yellow bear, teaches days of the week and months of the year. Zoli, the blue/green bear holds cellphones and tablets. And, there's also the colors bear set, which features four bears and eight different colors.

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The bears are very easy to use and navigate, too.

The bears range in price from $19.99-$64.99, and work by pressing their paws.

On the first press, it recites the word, letter, or number in English. On the second press, the same word, letter, or number is recited in Spanish.

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With many parents helping their children "learn at home," it's the perfect time to invest in these bears!

The bears range in price from $19.99-$64.99 and are available on the Cubby Love Bears website. There's no better time to help your child prepare for their future than by gifting them with a cuddly bear who's pretty smart, too!

h/t: People

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