Tweets That Sum Up The Hilarious Struggle Of Raising Kids

Lex Gabrielle 18 Jun 2020

It's not uncommon to find yourself at your wit's end if you are a parent. After a long day of cleaning, making snacks, and listening to Paw Patrol on repeat, it is completely understandable why parents are a bit burned out.

What's a parent to do when all else fails? Turn to Twitter and share their parenting struggles in a hilarious tweet of course!

1. We've all been in this situation.

Kids never wash their hands— or anything else for that matter. So when they offer you food or anything else, just remember that it's going to be covered in their snot and germs.

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2. They don't care about us!

They only want our phones. We could be on fire, with the flames engulfing our very souls, and our kids will wonder if they can have our phones to play games. Mark my words.

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3. Oh, I'm so glad I spent so much on those dolls.

My kid will play with anything that has no monetary value. But, when we're in the store, they need to have everything on every shelf. I swear it's a curse.

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4. I mean... no, but also yes.

The fact that we have to tell our children that they should not put their hands in their butt in the first place leaves us to believe they frequently do so when we are not looking.

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5. I'm not mad, I'm impressed.

This kind of genius is the kind that will go very far in life. Finding a way to eat cheese in secret is clearly the dominant way to go through life.

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6. Some of us give up.

When they scream, cry, kick, and punch — we eventually give up. Her pants are at home and to be honest, it was the better choice of the two.

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7. Way easier than explaining it for real.

Who doesn't love telling their kids some exaggerated things just to make sure that they don't have to hear the birds and the bees? Sometimes, the latter is the better choice.

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8. The answer is no, it's not worth it.

Bangs, booms, screams, and cries. Sometimes, mommy and daddy need to have some time alone so they don't have to hear their kids hurting each other all day long.

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9. Oh, NOW they care.

The perfect way to get your kid's attention is to figure out what they like and use it against them. Let them think you're eating their last Reese's Peanut Butter Cup if that's what it takes.

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10. The more kids you have, the less you care.

Not that you don't CARE about your kids, you just don't freak out as much. It's like when your first kid is here, you baby-proof and wash everything like crazy. By the time baby number two is here, you're lucky they're alive and well.

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11. They'll tell everyone everything about your private parts.

Get ready to play 21 Questions with your 3-year-old because they don't understand that private time is private. Or, you could be like the dad whose son cheers him on while he poops.

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