11+ Disney Cake Fails That Are Anything But Magical

Baking and cake decorating are artforms not many people can truly master. Those who do should really be applauded. I'm not a good baker so I, for one, can really appreciate it when I see beautiful work.

On the other hand, there are those who should not even attempt it at all. Some things are better left to the professional bakers.

1. This Elsa Cake

Cake Wrecks

OMG, is somebody trying to scare the bejeezus out of children with this Elsa cake? If they are, then mission accomplished. This is an abomination if I've ever seen one. I'm truly scared for the kiddos.

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2. This 'Little Mermaid' Cake

Somebody really took some creative license with this Ariel cake. I bet they never even seen a Disney movie at all. If they did, they would've had some kind of idea where to go with this.

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3. This Darth Vader Cake

Reddit | tixieej

I still sometimes forget that Star Wars is part of the Disney universe now. Unfortunately, that fact did nothing to help this Darth Vader cake that has clearly seen better days. The force is not strong with this one.

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4. This Moana Cake

Reddit | Luigiatreddit2

This cake is so close to being a win. Everything about it looks so good – it's just Moana who's not looking like herself. Oh, dear.

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5. This Minnie Mouse Cake


Um, perhaps this bakery was afraid of some kind of copyright infringement case. So they decided to take this cake in a completely different direction. Either that or their baker has lost their mind.

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6. This Buzz Lightyear

Reddit | Rakqel

They definitely got one thing right on this cake, and that would be the bugged-out eyes. They're popping here. LOL! But what's up the human-looking teeth? Maybe a kid drew this version? Huh?

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7. This Mickey Cake

Reddit | lipstick_dipstick

Well, remember when I told you sometimes baking should be left to professionals? Case in point here. This person tried using a mold to make this Mickey cake and they found out the hard way.

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8. This Rapunzel Cake Topper

Reddit | cosette13

These folks thought they can just order a cute Rapunzel cake topper to put on their cake. Well, it didn't turn out as good as they have hoped, to say the least. This looks sad.

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9. This Disney Princesses Cake

Cake Wrecks

These guys couldn't nail making a likeness of one Disney princess. So clearly, they decided to make five of them. LOL! I hope they didn't charge extra for this awful attempt. That would really suck.

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10. This Olaf Cake


If Olaf is your kid's favorite character I really hope they never see this cake. If they do they'll probably be scarred for life after seeing this. I know I would be if I was a kid.

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11. This Ariel Cake


Ah, little girls really love The Little Mermaid. Huh? I completely get the appeal. Unfortunately, this terrible cake attempt is ruining all that magic of this Disney movie. I think this deserves to be washed away.

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12. This 'Frozen' Cake

So your kid asked for a scene from Frozen to be put on a cake. This should be a cakewalk, no? Not when you go to this bakery to do it. Looks more like the Joker.

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13. This Belle Cake


Talk about beauty and the beast. I think they took the beast part just a little bit to heart. But they got one thing wrong here. Belle is supposed to be the beauty. This is scary.

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14. This Simba Cake

Reddit | Pyramidofasnath

This person actually asked three different bakeries to try and replicate this cake design. I think some nailed it and some... did not. Which one would you pick as the best? I say, number three!

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15. Another Ariel Disaster

Reddit | noodlepartipoodle

Why is Ariel so hard to capture in a cake design. Honestly, I can tell that this person gave it their best shot. That's all that matters in the end, right?

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16. This Elsa Cake

Reddit | gramadaru

Trying to pull off a cake like the one on the left takes some serious artistry. This attempt was almost there, but the proportions seem a bit out of whack. What do you think?

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17. This Cinderella Cake

Reddit | soparamens

Is it just me or does this supposed Cinderella cake remind you of one of the characters from the White Chicks movie? LOL! I would say it's a pretty good resemblance. Was that what they were going for?

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18. This Snow White Cake

Reddit | cualcrees

Oh no! Do you get the impression that Snow White is melting here or something? Ha, ha! I think whoever made this poor cake decorating attempt should go back to baking school, like, ASAP. LOL!

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Who knew it would be this hard to create a beautiful Disney-inspired cake? Huh?

Giphy | ABC Network

Perhaps this should be a lesson to all of us. Next time you decide to order a themed cake make sure the bakery can really handle it.

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