12+ Easy Hacks To Keep Kids Entertained All Summer Long

Lex Gabrielle 19 Jun 2020

While quarantine has been hard on every parent who has been home with their kids, school is officially coming to an end for the year. That means that kids are going to be home all summer long with no set schedule or things to do. With many camps deciding to remain closed this summer due to COVID-19, parents are looking for easy ways to keep their kids engaged and smiling all summer long.

1. Use a white sheet to make a DIY canvas to paint on.

Call Me Mama Leisha

You can pick up a cheap, flat, white sheet on Amazon or any other website and allow your kids to go crazy on it in the backyard. The bigger the sheet, the more room they have to paint!

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2. Driveway darts!

Mamas Like Me

Use some sidewalk chalk on the driveway to make a huge dart board. Instead of using rocks or anything hard, you can use some wet sponges. The kids stay cool and have fun all in one!

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3. Choose the fitted sheet instead of the flat one.


While many opt for flat sheets and towels at the beach, a fitted sheet may be the better option. As long as you have things to hold all four corners, it'll keep sand away from the kids.

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4. Use an inflatable pool for fireworks night.


When the 4th of July comes around, everyone wants to see fireworks. Instead of sitting on the wet grass in the park, bring a kiddie pool and get comfy inside with the kids.

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5. Use a cupcake liner for popsicles.

Tumblr | remainsimple

Popsicles are delicious but can cause a huge mess. Instead of letting the juice drip everywhere, put a cupcake liner under the popsicle and it'll all get caught instead.

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6. How about a giant game of Scrabble?

Constantly Lovestruck

For your older kids, making a huge game of Scrabble can be tons of fun! Use cardboard or oaktag to make the letters and set up a game space in your yard.

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7. Use the pool for an outdoor playpen.

While you're getting some sun or cleaning the deck, where do you put the kids? Getting a giant kiddie pool can solve this problem by making it a huge play pen for indoors or outdoors, too.

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8. Use Cheerios to make an edible sandbox.

For those little ones who love to eat everything, making edible sand is a brilliant idea. All you need is Cheerios and a blender to make this yummy activity.

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9. Use potato chip clips to fix push-pops.

Every parent knows that kids cry when the ice pop isn't "pushed up all the way." Using the chip clips prevents the pop from going "all the way down" and you can easily move it up.

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10. On rainy days, make an indoor slide.


Use those Amazon cartons you've gotten over the last few months and make a homemade slide inside the house. Safe for the kids to use as long as you watch the railing!

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11. Keep the kids safe from the grill.

Use a small baby gate around the BBQ to keep kids safe and away from the fire. Instead of them coming too close, they'll know to be cautious and steer clear.

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12. Keep the pool popping on rainy days.

When the kids want to swim but it's raining outside, why not use the pool inside? Put a kiddie pool in the shower and make the summer still fun!

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13. Use a long rope to swing your kid from afar.


Instead of standing in the hot sun, use a long rope to push the swing back and forth from the shade. Parents who want to relax and keep their kid smiling will love this one!

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14. Easy no-mess bubbles.

Facebook l Messy Little Monster

Taping up the bubbles to a pole saves you a mess and money. Most of the times, kids run around and spill the majority of the bubbles on the ground. This keeps it all in one, safe place.

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