10+ Times Men Proved A Trip To The Barber Could Make All The Difference

It's amazing what a trip to the barber can do for a man. I can attest to that. My sister's ex-husband used to have very long hair for many years, then he finally cut it short. You wouldn't believe how different he looked afterward. It's like he lost 20 years. These guys went through a similar change and I think it's for the better.

1. This Burly Man Upgrade

Reddit | vector78

Oh my gosh, just look at all that hair. Ha, ha! Talk about being a burly man or what? Apparently, this guy got a hair cut and when his girlfriend saw him afterwards her jaw dropped.

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2. This Transformation

Reddit | ItzVinnii

Wow, talk about making a drastic change here. This guy decided to chop off his locks, but he didn't stop at that. He added a change of color to it as well. I think it suits him.

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3. Saying Goodbye To These Long Locks

Reddit | ahsteeze

Speaking of long locks, this guy definitely knew how to rock them. Right? I can't get over this wavy hairdo. If you don't think this is an amazing transformation, I dunno what is. I hope he tipped his barber well.

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4. This Buzz Cut

Reddit | ManDown2000

This guy pretty much had a fringe before which rarely looks good. His wavy hair always made it look like a mess. So he did the ultimate sacrifice and ended up buzzing it all off. I think it was the right choice!

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5. This Cleaned-Up Look

Reddit | nclrza196

Sometimes you realize that your hair has gotten the best of you. When somebody points it out, you can get a different perspective on it and make an appointment with your barber. I think this new look is a lot more polished.

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6. This Hireable Look

Reddit | branchito

Speaking of different perspectives, this guy had a funny way of looking at his haircut. He said that what he lost in individuality, he gained in becoming hireable. I guess that could be true. What do you think?

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7. This Before And After Lockdown

Reddit | BeefJyrkii

See what quarantine can do to a person? This guy's hair clearly went wild on him. But now it was time to take control and reign it all back. Ha, ha! It looks pretty nice now.

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8. This Updated Look

Reddit | codybrown_027

When your hair has been the same for many years, perhaps it's time to take the plunge. This guy did and he really likes his new buzz cut. I bet it takes some getting used to.

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9. This Swoon-Worthy Look

Reddit | reshromem

When this guy posted a picture of his before and after everybody was really kind to him. Some even said that he should get ready for some extra female attention. I think they're right. Wink, wink.

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10. This 'Wow' Look

Reddit | u/annaleecage

Wow, talk about making a real change to your look. Not only did this guy take the plunge and cut off his long locks but check out his bold hair color. This is totally insane.

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11. This Clean-Cut Look

Reddit | morningspear

I totally understand why some men rely on their facial hair. It turns out that without it, they look like teenagers. This guy shaved and now he's wondering if he made a mistake. I think he looks great either way.

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12. This Donation Look

Reddit | Velideon

Sometimes you can both make a change and do something good. This guy not only went for a drastic makeover but ended up donating his locks for the very first time. Oh, good on him.

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13. This Shave Job

Reddit | zefmortu

Oh, wow! I have to admit the before pictures made me think this guy could've been a character on Vikings ha, ha! Now he looks like a totally different man. It's like his face changed, too.

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I can't get over how drastic these hair transformations are here. These guys look totally different now.


I bet a few people needed to do some double-takes before they recognized them again. Ha, ha! Which makeover is your favorite look?

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