Fuzzy 'Bear Claw' Succulents Almost Look Cute Enough To Cuddle

I know I've talked about a lot of different succulents. Apparently, succulents come in all sorts of weird shapes including ones that resemble bunny ears and the ones that look like jumping dolphins.

Now I bring you another super cute succulent I bet you're going to fall in love with. I did and I need to have it in my life ASAP. It's called a "Bear Paw" succulent and it's adorable.

It's pretty easy to realize why this succulent is affectionately called the "bear claw."

After all, it looks like it’s made of tiny, fluffy green bear paws. Haha. And If that's not absolutely the cutest thing I dunno what is.

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It goes by the official name of Cotyledon tomentosa and it features thick, fuzzy green leaves with dark, red-toothed ends.

Even though it's a low-growing plant it can reach up to 30 centimeters in height, which isn't too shabby.

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If that wasn't cool enough for you, these adorable succulents also bloom with orange, bell-shaped flowers in the spring.

Just take a look at how gorgeous they look! Wouldn't you like to see that in your succulent collection? I would.

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If you plan to grow these indoors, just make sure they get at least six hours of sunlight every day.

A window that's facing south would be your best bet. Or you could invest in some indoor UV lights.

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Other than that they're pretty low maintenance.

They only need to be watered when the soil gets completely dry. So, they sound like a perfect plant for someone like me. Ha, ha! I tend to occasionally forget to water my plants.

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If you plan on having these outdoors you need to make sure they are in a bright spot that's shaded from sunlight.

They might get burned if they're in direct sun. Also, make sure you give them a well-draining soil.

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That way they won't get over-watered if it ever happens to rain a lot.

As I mentioned, succulents like their soil to be on the dryer side. So, you need to keep an eye on them while they're outdoors.

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If you can't get your hands on these adorable plants at your local greenery don't fret.

There are always plenty of online retailers that should have them in their stock. Check out places like Amazon, Etsy, or Succulents Box. Good luck!

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How much do you love these easy-to-care-for and cute-as-a-button succulents?

Giphy | University of Central Arkansas

As I said, I think they're totally adorable. I also think once they bloom they will stand out even more from the succulent crowd.

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