11+ Times People Found Something Unknown At Home

If you have ever bought an old house, you've probably run into something that the previous owner left behind. It could have been a typical object like a shovel or some silverware, for example.

But sometimes, the stuff people leave behind is a real head-scratcher. And in order to find out what the object is and its purpose, you may need to resort to asking online.

1. This Crazy Thing

Reddit | CaptainRipp

A person vacationing in a Victorian-style Airbnb in England found this thing in the kitchen cabinet. Turns out, it's a juicer. You push the fruit on the rounded end and it drains directly into the cup.

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2. This Copper Object

Reddit | 1fifty8point3

Somebody found this odd, copper object. Its body is hollow and sealed with solder and the top handle turns the flat round "lid." Apparently, it's a chafing dish burner. Fill it with alcohol and it can be used to keep food warm.

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3. This Interesting Find

Reddit | johnsinternetsales

This person discovered an interesting find. When you pull the ring on this, four little pins come out. What is it used for? As it turns out it’s a 19th-century anti-theft device for pocket watches.

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4. This Pan

Reddit | sarahsomegirl

A lady was browsing at a thrift store when she stumbled upon this odd-looking pan. It looks like it would be some kind of metal strainer. It's actually a chestnut roasting pan. What? I want it.

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5. These Weird Scissors

Reddit | Inside_Person

I wouldn't be surprised if you were baffled by this weird-looking object as well. It looks to me like a pair of scissors but what is that little compartment for? It's actually a candle wick trimmer.

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6. This Cylinder Thing

Reddit | ListyChrowder

What is this, you ask? It’s magnetic and the little magnets inside are all being forced together against their natural magnetic pull. I'm baffled. Ha, ha! Well, what do you know, it's an anti-theft tag remover. Interesting!

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7. This Instrument

Reddit | Broghtworst

This person was told that the object they found was a xylophone, but that didn't seem right to them. Well, the smart people of Reddit informed this person that it was actually a tongue drum. Sounds cool to me.

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8. This Tiny Gem

Reddit | u/martinmartin538

Oh my gosh, how cute is this old container someone found at their grandma’s house? It's the shape of a pineapple and opens up to show a tiny spoon. Apparently, it's a miniature salt cellar. Aww!

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9. These Things

Reddit | Narwal_Party

Oh my goodness, just what in the heck are these things? They're small enough to fit in your hand, but what do you do with them? If you're really handy you can carve pumpkins with them. Wow!

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10. This Apparatus

Reddit | gaberz24

Is this some kind of kitchen tool? It's actually a pipe reamer. After smoking your pipe there would be ash and debris stuck in the bowl. You pop this in and twist to scrape out the crud.

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11. This Curious Find

Reddit | good_at_life

This person found an object made of plastic. Its clear top can rotate and has the numbers 0-5 labeled on it. There is an opening at each number that gets larger as the number gets larger. This is actually a seed planter. Whoa!

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12. This Odd Object

Reddit | Singdownthetrail

If you found this object in your shed, would you have any clue what it would be used for? I would be at a loss for words. Folks at Reddit identified it as a motorized antenna rotating mount. What does that even mean? I'm sure all the mechanically savvy people out there know.

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13. This Kitchen Utensil

Reddit | TheDukest

Somebody found this interesting object in their kitchen drawer. To me, it looks like an eyelash curler. Ha, ha! But I'm sure that it totally isn't it. Well, it's actually an escargot utensil. What? Um, no thanks. LOL!

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14. This Measuring Instrument

Reddit | lilmilkyduds

At least that's what I think this thing is. This is actually a tachometer. You hold the point against the end of a turning piece for a minute, and the dial tells you how many RPM. Interesting.

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15. This Glass Inside Of A Glass

Reddit | bespokewoke

What do you think this glass holder is for? Apparently, it's something you would use with seafood. You can put ice chips inside to keep the food cold. I never would have thought of that.

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16. These Spiky Things

Reddit | Pw_w

Both pieces of this object fit perfectly inside of each other. So what could this possibly be? It turns out, it's some sort of herb grinder. Hmm... I guess I could see that being the case here.

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17. This Kitchen Appliance

Reddit | california_burrito_

Imagine moving into your new house and discovering this strange thing in the kitchen. I've never seen it before. As it turns out you can use it to boil pasta, potatoes, corn on the cob, and more. Wow!

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18. This Strange Apparatus

Reddit | blebbleb1

Somebody found this unusual looking apparatus of sorts. Apparently, when you pull the handle something winds up inside. What do you think it is? As it turns out, it's an attachable camera shutter. Pretty old school.

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19. This Interesting Thing

Reddit | smeee55

I have absolutely no idea what this object might be. There's enough room to put a tea light inside of it. Reddit folks are claiming it's some sort of incense burning tool. Do you agree with them?

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20. This Crank Thing

Reddit | patpend

Somebody came across this odd thing hanging on a wall of an old house. It's housing for something, but what exactly? And what's with the crank thing that comes with it? Did you guess that it's an ice crusher? Ha, ha!

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21. This Contraption

Reddit | imnotyourcaptain

This object opens and closes if that makes things easier. I thought it was a tool used for metalwork, but I was wrong. It's just a camping pie iron, used to cook different foods over a fire when you're camping. Handy!

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22. This Gorgeous Thing

Reddit | synthetic_tendency

Wow, how pretty is this unusual object? I love all the engraving on it. Maybe it's used to hold your jewelry or something like that? Actually, it's a portable ashtray. You rest the cigarette on the lid.

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Wasn't it so much fun to guess what these objects were? And what they were used for?

Giphy | TV Land

I got such a kick out of it. I hope you did, too. Have you ever found something unusual in your home? Spill!

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