10+ Tattoos That Prove Sibling Love Is Forever

Lex Gabrielle 26 Jun 2020

When it comes to showing love, nothing says I love you like getting a matching tattoo. Tattoos, of course, last forever. And, no bond is forever like the bond between siblings. Many siblings like to show their love by getting matching or similar tattoos. Sibling bonds last forever, so why not get tattoos that match each other, too? We love a matching sibling tattoo!

1. Bows and arrows pointing to the sun and the moon.

One sibling may be the sun and one may be the moon, so why not get the tattoos that represent each other's personality pretty well? Love these details, too.

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2. For these Irish siblings, the luck is real.

What a nice way to honor both sibling love and their heritage like getting four leaf clover tattoos? The luck will last forever for these siblings, as this one stays for life.

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3. Big sis and lil sis.

The bond between a big and little sister is so important. Take it from someone with two older sisters — the love is real. These "big sis" and "lil sis" tattoos are too cute!

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4. Different hobbies, same path.

One sibling may love to read and one sibling may love video games, but the journey is real. I love that the quote is the same and their pictures represent their hobbies.

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5. They even got mom involved, too!

The teapot for mom and two tea cups for her daughters. This one holds a lot of meaning and value, I absolutely love it and the idea behind it!

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6. 1, 2, 3!

I love that they got the order of their birth: I of 3, II of 3, and III of 3. Such a clever idea and it will always make sense to them.

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7. Unicorn power!

This one is so detailed. From the colors of the unicorns to the sisters' names to the years of their births, these unicorns are absolutely beautiful and so detailed.

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8. Favorite animals!

These tattoos showcase each sibling's favorite animals. And, they were even drawn by the clients, too. Each has a representation of who is who. What a unique idea for these siblings.

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9. Based on their real hands.

I love that the artist here used their real hands to sketch out this iconic tattoo. What a creative and timeless tattoo to showcase they always have a helping hand for each other.

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10. 'Star Wars' fans, unite!

Who doesn't love Star Wars? For siblings who share a love for the films, these are classic and totally cool. Plus, the two colors show a fun, original side to each tat.

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11. Forever.

No matter what, no matter when, no matter where. These tattoo designs show that these siblings will be there for each other forever, no matter what happens. What better reminder is there?

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12. "Until the very end."

An original sketch with these two sisters hanging on the moon, "until the very end." I love that the tattoo shows their personalities on top of the sweet message.

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13. Powerpuff Sisters!

The Powerpuff Girls were sisters who fought crime and looked adorable at the same time. Obviously, this would be a great tattoo option for three sisters looking to get inked.

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14. The pride stays together.

For a brother and sister tattoo, this one is absolutely incredible. Showcasing that blood is thicker than water and that the lion pride always stays together no matter what.

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15. Sisters on a swing.

How sweet is this tattoo design? I love how they have the same basic outline, but each sister customized her tattoo with a different color and hairstyle. These tattoos look great as stand-alone designs or next to each other!

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