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Ariana Grande Sent Food And Coffee To People Waiting In Line To Vote

Rae Batchelor 24 Jun 2020

It's incredibly important to vote if you're able to, because every citizen should be able to have a say in how they want their city, state, or country run. Democracy hinges on allowing everyone to vote, and sometimes through forces out of our control, like a global pandemic, can make voting very difficult.

Ariana Grande is trying to make it a little bit easier.

June 23rd marks the primary election in New York, Virginia, and Kentucy.

Instagram | @arianagrande

There are normally 3,700 polling stations in the Kentucky, but only 170 were available due to the pandemic, and only one in the area's two counties with the highest populations.

This meant there were some long lines!

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Luckily, singer Ariana Grande had a way to help.

Ariana revealed that she "sent some food and coffee trucks for everyone waiting in line" on her Twitter, adding, "please pull up, enjoy and use your voice today we need u!"

What an amazing gesture!

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The people waiting in line to vote were super grateful.

Of course, Ariana's fans took to social media to proclaim how awesome that move was from Ari. "You’re the sweetest ever. love u forever, thank you for everything that you do," one fan replied to her on Twitter.

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Some fans were inspired.

"See ariana DOESNT QUIT. that needs to be EVERYBODYS mentality. we need to make change happen!!!!," one fan exclaimed, while another added, "we love to see that you're using your platform like this."

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What an awesome gesture from Ariana!

It's so important that everyone gets the chance to vote, and I'm sure waiting in line was made much easier with free food and coffee to help the process along!

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