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7+ Products To Help You Get The Weekend Party Started

There's something really interesting that happens to people when 5pm hits on a Friday. All that energy that left their body around 1pm on Monday has suddenly come back in full force, as if suddenly electrified by the weekend.

If you're a weekend warrior, then check out these products that will ensure you get the weekend party started on the right foot.

Flip Flop Wine Glass Coasters

Etsy | CrochetSpotPatterns

Uhm, how adorable are these flip flop coaster/ID tag hybrids? They're perfect for summer and keep your surfaces from getting water stained.

The only catch is that you'll have to find someone to crochet them for you if you don't already. Find the pattern from Etsy seller CrochetSpotPatterns for $5.

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Bloody Mary Tree Branch

Uncommon Goods

With a Bloody Mary tree branch, you can load up all the fixins to make an epic brunchy drink!

Find them for $25 from Nod Products, or $20 from Uncommon Goods.

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Ringing Bell Wine Glass


Why get up and fill your glass back up with wine when you can just ring for more?

This one is sure to annoy your partner or kids, but hey—it's all about getting what you want.

Find it on Amazon for $15.

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Rosé Bottle Pool Float


Drink your rosé and float away with it into a dreamy summerland with this pretty pool float from Target.

Yes, rosé should be consumed while relaxing on it.

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Cheeky Vodka Socks


If you love matching your socks to what you're drinking, than these cheeky vodka socks from Amazon are perfect.

And hey, you just might get what you need to have an epic weekend when you show your feet!

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Bottomless Mimosa Glass

BigMouth Inc.

This bottomless mimosa glass from BigMouth Inc. seriously gives new meaning to the brunch classic.

Why use a separate glass when you're going to be drinking a whole bottle's worth anyways?

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Outdoor Wine Table

Uncommon Goods

I don't know about you, but I hate wasting a beautiful sunny summer day indoors. That's why this outdoor wine table sold on Uncommon Goods by Michael and Ania Shepler is perfect.

It has a spot to hold a bottle of wine, two slits to hold two glasses, and enough room for a plate of snacks.

Bring everything you need to enjoy your afternoon wine and cheese and have it all in one place wherever you go, whether it's in the perfectly shaded spot in your backyard or while you're out picnicking.

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This Punny Wine Glass

Etsy | ElizabethsCreations6

When 5pm on Friday hits, it's time to wine down with this cheeky wine glass from Etsy Seller ElizabethCreations6.

You can choose your favorite color for the font, as well as between a 15-ounce or 21-ounce glass, but I'm pretty sure I know which one you're going for.

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