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Casque-Headed Tree Frogs Are Tiny, Adorable, And Give Perfect Duck Face

Amy Pilkington 25 Jun 2020

It's a crazy world out there, so why don't we just take a momentary break to appreciate a very, very cute frog?

I mean, some people think frogs and toads can't be cute, but personally I find the tiny ones absolutely frigging adorable, and this frog is very tiny indeed.

Just look at his smile!

Instagram | @moonnight.17

This is a Yucatecan Casque-headed Tree Frog, Triprion petasatus. They are native to the Yucatan Peninsula and have a very distinctive head.

"Casque" is another word for "helmet," which is the biggest clue for why these guys are special.

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If you look closely, you can see that there is a distinct line where the skin of the body meets the helmet-like head.

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The shape of the head also results in a very cute little mouth that makes me think of the classic selfie "Duck Face" trend. Lips puckered and cheeks sucked in.

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It's very important not to confuse these cuties with Bruno’s Casque-headed Frog, Aparasphenodon brunoi.

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That's because while these dudes are tiny, cute, and friendly, the Aparasphenodon brunoi are highly venomous.

They look similar, but the dangerous ones are much larger and will headbutt predators to inject the venom directly into the bloodstream via tiny helmet spikes.

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Thankfully, the same and cute ones aren't currently at any risk of extinction.

They are also very popular in the pet trade, so if you really love them, you may be able to bring one into your home via a reputable breeder.


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