Quotes For When Bed Time Is Your Favorite Time

Amy Pilkington 26 Jun 2020

I'm not sure why I decided that this was the article I was going to write at 7 AM with only half a cup of coffee drunk so far, but here we are.

Normally, if you asked if I'm a Night Owl or a Lark, I'd say Lark, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy my bed as much as my coworkers who are only just rolling out of theirs.

I just like to spend more of my night in said bed than my morning.

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Plus, I can get all my errands done on Saturdays before half the world has even brushed their teeth. Then while they're running around and waiting in the Saturday afternoon lines, I'm chilling on the couch playing video games.

And napping. I am very fond of a Saturday afternoon nap.

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Admittedly, in order to function in the adult world, I've had to get very strict about bedtime routines.


The bed is for sleeping. So no snacks and no TV in the bedroom. Since my reading has shifted to mostly digital, I don't even read in bed anymore. I have a chair in the corner and my tablet stays plugged in over there, out of reach.

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The only tech allowed within arm's reach is my alarm clock.

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You see, for a long time, I was a terrible sleeper. I'd toss and turn when I did try to catch some zees, or I'd lose track of time while watching a show on TV. Sleep was a means to an end, a basic human function.

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But once I fixed my own bad habits and practiced good sleep hygiene, I really learned to appreciate that cozy time under the covers.


There really is no better feeling than when you've found that perfect sleeping position, the covers have everything at the optimal temperature, and there's a dog curled up along the curve of your back.

That is true bliss.

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