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Aldi Is Selling A Sweet And Refreshing Strawberry Sparkletini That Deserves To Be Enjoyed On The Patio

Any time is always a good time to pop a bottle of bubbly. You don't need a celebration to enjoy a fizzy drink! If that were the case, seltzers wouldn't be as popular as they are.

After seeing Aldi's latest sparkling alcohol drink, you'll definitely be taking this one out on the patio with you this summer.

There's a reason why Instagrammer @aldi.mademedoit's eyes were fixed on this ruby red bottle in the alcohol section of Aldi.

Instagram | @aldi.mademedoit

It's a strawberry-flavored Sparkletini by the brand Verdi, whose sweet and summery flavors of sparkling wine bring a twinkle to any eye.

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According to the description, this flavor is "just the right amount of strawberry flavor," which is great news for those who like to taste their alcohol.

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Verdi's description also states that this flavor would be great as an addition to other cocktails, and at 5% ABV, we can totally see this being used in a super refreshing sangria that will quench anyone's thirst on a hot summer afternoon.

They actually have a ton of recipes on their site to get cocktail inspo from.

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Verdi actually has a pretty decorated lineup of sparkling wine flavors.


They have watermelon, raspberry, peach, green apple, rosé, and a regular Spumante flavor.

You can conveniently order them from online shops like Instacart, MINIBAR, and Drizly so you don't have to waste time scouring liquor stores for them.

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We're actually not sure how much the bottle is, but it's probably around the $5 to $10 mark like most.

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Summer is certainly celebration enough to crack open this bubbly on the patio or porch!

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