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Fans Are Confused About Kylie Jenner's Eyes In Recent Instagram Posts

Rae Batchelor 25 Jun 2020

Every single eye color is gorgeous, but many people wish they had a different one than the one they were born with. Some people with brown eyes wish their eyes were lighter and some people with light eyes wish they had the deep, beautiful tones of brown eyes. We should all learn to be happy with the eye color we were born with, and it turns out this might count for celebrities too.

As Instagram account @igfamousbodies pointed out, in a new picture Kylie Jenner shared to her page, it looks like Kylie has hazel eyes.

Instagram | @igfamousbodies. @kyliejenner

While @igfamousbodies' original post was more about the smoothing effect around her head, the caption caught people's attention.

"Really unsure what the blur by her head is for - did she have some hair wisps she wanted gone? She also photoshopped her light brown eyes a green color," they wrote.

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Some fans began arguing over whether Kylie had always had eyes that color.

Instagram | @igfamousbodies, @kyliejenner

While one fan wrote, "her eyes are actually that color," the account shared a direct comparison between an older picture of Kylie's eyes when they looked much darker, writing, "You can even see the difference in clarity, how blurry the photoshop color makes her eyes."

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They even found an old post of Kylie's that had been captioned with "team brown eyes."

Instagram | @igfamousbodies, @kyliejenner

They compared that to a 2018 interview where Kylie referred to her eyes as "Green, sometimes yellow."

What do you think? Has the lighting in Kylie's selfies changed enough to effect her eye color, or has Kylie been photoshopping her eyes or using color contacts? Let us know in the comments!

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