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Cool Off This Summer With A New Line Of Boozy Freezies Inspired By Classic Cocktail Favorites

This year seems to be the year of pre-mixed drinks, don't you think? There are tons of ready-to-drink cocktails on the market, which is great news for us lazy folk.

When the hot weather hits, however, we need something a bit more chilled. Thank the alcohol heavens above, because alcoholic freezies exist to cool us off, with a bit of a punch. However, most alcoholic freezies on the market are vodka-based, but there's finally a company who turned classic cocktails into a freezie treat for us who prefer other spirits.

Cutwater Spirits is known for their classic pre-mixed cocktails, and thankfully they've turned four of them into frozen treats.

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You can buy them in variety pack tubs for $25.99 to give all four a try.

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Each variety pack contains three of each flavor.

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There's a tasty Vodka Mule freezie, a Lime Margarita flavor, Rum & Cola, and one I'm personally excited about, Gin Melon.

There's definitely at least one flavor to cater to everyone's alcohol preference.

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Each 100-ml freezie contains a sweet 7% ABV and 80 calories.

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These are great to casually whip out on the patio, or an easy ready-to-enjoy cocktail out on the beach or lake.

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If you're a SoCal resident, these may not be new, but for the rest of us, they'll be available nationwide in July to try.

Cutwater Spirits

Definitely look out for them at your local liquor store this summer!

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