Tweets About Marriage Struggles That Weren't Covered In The Vows

Lex Gabrielle 26 Jun 2020

Everyone knows that marriage is far from a fairytale dream. Of course, there's a lot of love and the amazing feeling of building a life with your partner. But, if we're being honest, there are also some aspects of marriage we could do without — like knowing you're stuck with your husband's gas for the foreseeable future. At least during times like this, we can laugh about married life!

1. Men will be men.

Not going to lie, I'd be more upset that my husband ate all of the gummy bears in our house rather than the fact that he shoved them all in his mouth at once.

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2. Winner, winner.

Ladies, we know who truly wears the pants in all marriages. When we want pets, we get pets. When we want puppies, we get puppies. If we want two kittens, yes, we're getting two kittens.

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3. I guess that's better than hearing, "I told you so."

Sometimes, men would rather lie than listen to their wife tell them the same old, "I told you so." In all honesty, no one wants to be the one that is wrong.

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4. Team work.

The moment you realize your little monsters aren't the ones who are causing a scene is the moment you realize you and the wife have done a fantastic job at parenting.

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5. The important things in life.

Husbands complain that wives are the ones who shop too much. But, in reality, they are the ones buying ridiculous things online that no one needs nor asked for.

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6. Who cares, right?

At least the things we've buying and shopping for are necessary. Yes, I need a new shirt and new shoes. I deserve it for all that I do for this household!

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7. Our husbands are scary when unexpected.

Husbands will interrupt everything from a shower to some private time on the toilet to ask us if we remembered to stock the cabinets with their favorite snack.

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8. On point.

Sexy, but also honest. Ladies, husbands will never remember to put the laundry in the dryer so you end up rewashing it for the hundreth time because it smells like wet dog.

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9. Is it cheating if I watch Netflix without him?

While he goes to protect our home and kids, I would like to continue watching The Office without him. Is that so wrong? If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

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10. Husbands can never find anything... ever.

It seems that they need a map to find everything in the house —even the things that belong to them. Yikes, that doesn't look good for them.

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