Quotes That Prove Where There's A Wine, There's A Way

Lex Gabrielle 26 Jun 2020

Whenever we have problems in life, there's nothing so bad that a little wine cannot fix it. For those who love to drink wine, you know that there's no better drink choice for basically everything. Need to relax? Glass of wine. Need to grab something for a party? Bottle of wine. Need to match your dinner with a savory drink? More wine!

1. From red to white — a diet.

When we're going to cleanse our bodies, there's nothing like grabbing a bit of white wine to make everything feel a bit smoother. Clear and wonderful.

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2. Not just my Christmas juice, but my everyday juice.

This is the kid that I am leaving all of my money to. He gets me so much and understands that I will always need my Christmas juice.

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3. Just for beer?

If you can order a bucket of beer at a bar, you should be able to order a bucket of wine bottles at the bar. I said what I said.

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4. It's a great addition to the resume.

I think it counts for a little bit of both. It's a specialty skill that I can shower without my glass filling up. However, it is also a work of art.

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5. It's a party!

If my cats could drink wine with me at home on a Friday night, I'd always have plans for the weekend. And, it'd always be a party!

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6. Just in case!

If you're going to drink red wine in bed, buy red sheets. If you're drinking rosé, pink. You know, just in case you're going to spill your glass on the sheets and all.

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7. Hold the chicken, please.

Like Chicken Francese, except keep the chicken for yourself and just give me the entire bottle of white wine so I can have a good time at this dinner party.

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8. A step-by-step process.

Toss the glass in the garbage, we don't believe in glasses here. We just want to drink the bottle until we pass out in bed and do it again tomorrow.

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9. It was an accident.

How do I tell my husband that I accidentally poured red wine on my baby's forehead by accident? By accident! Key word.

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10. Technology is wonderful.

Although it definitely didn't work, the only regret that I have is wasting red wine and not drinking it beforehand.

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11. Bottoms up!

You know those old sayings you used to recite to make sure you won't get sick as a dog when you drink. Wine before wine and after wine is totally fine!

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