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14+ Photos Of Rescue Pets To Give You A Case Of The Warm And Fuzzies

Caitlyn Clancey 27 Jun 2020

I truly believe that there is no greater rewarding experience than adopting a rescue pet.

All of my pets have been rescues, and with the exception of a particularly grumpy cat that seems to only tolerate my mom, they've all been wonderful animals who are grateful for the second chance at a happy life they've been given.

In honor of all those amazing rescue pets out there, I've gathered together some of the most wholesome pictures and stories to help us all catch a real bad case of the warm and fuzzies. Enjoy!

1. Just look at those eyes!

Reddit | Luuuurksien

This handsome little fella spent the first two weeks at his new home hiding under the bed or under some other form of furniture.

But once he became comfortable, he surprised his new owner by climbing into their lap and looking up at them with these unbelievably blue eyes. That's pure love!

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2. A handsome fella well-deserving of a portrait.

Reddit | IinventedPostIts

As this Reddit user explained, their three-year-old rescue dog doesn't have any ears, and has somehow managed to keep his "puppy eyes" into adulthood. Plus, he gets grumpy when they try to take off his sweater.

So naturally, they just had to draw him! Totally understandable.

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3. Perfectly content.

Reddit | nooneuknow42

The caption from this Reddit user says it all,

"When I adopted her from the rescue I was worried I couldn’t make her happy. I think she is happy."

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4. Tuckered out from all the lovin'.

Reddit | jessmess23

Meet Phoebe, an adorably small and two-faced rescue kitten who, on her first night at her new home, got her first bath, some food, and of course, plenty of cuddles.

Naturally, after a day full of lovin', she just couldn't keep her eyes open!

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5. "After 144 days she finally has her forever home!"

Reddit | lermie14

Just look at this happy pair and their matching smiles! It genuinely warms my heart to know this beautiful girl has finally found her furever home, and clearly a loving owner, after spending so long in a shelter.

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6. Snug as a bug.

Reddit | averyaj

This so-called "Quaran-Kitty" was adopted shortly after the coronavirus broke out, and his owner is happy to report that he's settling in quite nicely. How nicely? Well, he's definitely comfortable enough to "scream at their feet to be picked up."

So, you know, that comfy.

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7. Proud dog daddy.

Reddit | JennDG

Apparently, that little ball of black fur right there was adopted with the idea of him bonding with the Reddit user's older cats. But that's not what happened.

Instead, their happy pupper here assumed "Daddy Duty" and I'd say he's more than up for the task.

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8. Two of a kind.

Reddit | Snughie

Jazz (left) and Jinx (right) found themselves a new home by sheer determination. When this Reddit user visited their friend at a shelter, the feline pair simply wouldn't leave them alone:

"So they stole my money, forced me to adopt them, hopped in my car and decided to live with me."

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9. I think she's a little excited.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

You've seen dogs run around in circles and bark and wag their tails when they're getting adopted. But have you ever seen one get right up on her hind legs and throw her arms in the air? Yeah, me neither.

Suffice it to say, she's awfully happy to have found her furever family.

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10. "2 months after adopting an older cat I still can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t want this big bag of love."

Reddit | mydogfartsconstantly

I truly feed bad for senior cats because they're so often overlooked in favor of adopting younger cats, especially kittens. But if nothing else, this tabby certainly proves that older cats have plenty of love to give, too, if you'd just give them a chance.

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11. The difference the right home can make.

Reddit | homosuperiorsfc

In the shelter, this Persian kitty clearly wanted nothing to do with anybody. But after finding the right home with the right family, she's changed completely. And, according to her owner, she's become somewhat of a diva thanks to her new pampered lifestyle:

"She’s got very high expectations now but wouldn’t have it any other way."

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12. Meet Hank!

Reddit | Ronaldo_McDonald

This tri-legged fella is super happy. Why? Well because he just got adopted into his forever home, that's why! Kind of hard to frown when something that amazing happens to you!

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13. She's already claimed her spot on the couch.

Reddit | Vmoney27

Lovingly named "Bailey Storm", this little cutie was just welcomed into her new family and has quickly decided which place on the couch will now and forever be her own.

I think she made an excellent choice. Welcome to the family!

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14. Welcome to our home!

Reddit | StR33tL1GhT

Anyone who's ever owned a husky, or even a husky mix, knows that these dogs shed like crazy. So it was only fitting that when this cutie was adopted that his family include a little disclaimer on their doormat so all visitors know exactly what they're getting themselves into.

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15. A happy howler of a senior dog.

Reddit | DrBeats777

This handsome boy is named "Waffles". As his owner explained, he and his wife were warned that Waffles would be pretty vocal, and he's certainly proven them right. But as it turns out, he's simply a happy howler, meaning he likes to express his excitement when meeting new people or going for a walk.

Don't we all?

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16. Eternally grateful.

Reddit | mayaxs

Alright, this one made me tear up a little. Look at how grateful that rescue named Walter is. He's looking up at his new owner with nothing but love and admiration.

Someone pass me a tissue, stat!

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17. "Adopted her 3 hours ago."

Reddit | FetanylFather

Described by her new owner as a "big baby", this pittie was only adopted three hours ago but she's already so comfortable in her new home that she initiated her very first cuddle puddle.

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18. Package deal.

Reddit | Palaemon0

As this Reddit user explained, it was impossible to adopt just one of these two brothers and separate them. So naturally, they had to just adopt them both! Honestly, I would have done the same thing.

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19. Happy Father's Day!

Reddit | MusicMoviesFood

This happy corgi was adopted right on Father's Day, and as his new owner happy expressed, he was able to experience his first Father's Day as a father!

Congratulations you two!

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20. "I only adopted him an hour ago."

Reddit | akai_mori

After only an hour in his new home, this black and white kitty has clearly decided his new owner is worthy of some loving cuddles. I think these two are definitely going to be happy together.

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