Quotes For When You Just Don't Know What To Wear

Amy Pilkington 28 Jun 2020

I never used to put that much thought into my daily clothing choices. Sure, for dates or events, I'd go all out, but on a random Thursday? Jeans and a t-shirt are more than fine.

But having been trapped at home for most of the year 2020, I'm starting to miss getting dressed up. Not even fancy dresses. I'm talking just a nice blouse and some dress pants.

At first, wearing pjs all day felt like a dream come true.

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And in some ways, it still is, because I haven't worn a bra with underwire in almost four months and it's blissful, but I'm definitely starting to feel frumpy.

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Plus, add in the boredom that comes along with being home all day and suddenly my closet is getting a total overhaul.

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I'm not kidding. I sent 10 big garbage bags of clothing to the donation bin and I feel 100x lighter for it.

I also found all my nice, yet comfy clothes that had been hidden under the mountain of work clothes.

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So now I'm beginning to find a nice balance between being comfortable at home without being a frump.

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Mostly, it involves swapping the over-sized flannel pjs with stretchy, yet chic lounge wear and a lightweight sports bra.

It's a start, right?

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Of course, there are still a lot of outfits that I just feel like I can't really wear right now.

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Like, it would be a waste to wear the cute blouse that makes my figure look great if no one else is going to see it, right?

Or maybe, that should be exactly why I wear it: for me.

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