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9+ Cute Cats Just Being 100% Wholesome And Wonderful

Amy Pilkington 28 Jun 2020

If you had to force me to pick a side in the great pet debate, I would have to say that I'm a dog person more than a cat person, but I love them both.

When you say you like dogs, people seem to think that it means you have to automatically hate cats, but that's just silly. Dogs just fit my lifestyle a little bit more.

Still, I adore a cute, wholesome kitty.

1. This has been making the internet rounds for a while now, but I couldn't not share it.

Reddit | SurpriseThere1

Every sign has a story and this sign's tale is clearly still being written. Even though it would technically be the cat's fault, no one wants to hurt their fur baby by closing a door on their arm.

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2. So when are we just going to stop using the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs"?

Reddit | ADHDavid

Because as far as I can tell, that idiom is a completely human invention and species has very little to do with whether or not your pets get along.

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3. "Everyday my uncle's cat waits at the end of the driveway for him to return from his morning walk."

Reddit | EricPro21

Such a patient kitty!

Growing up, my family had a cat that spent most of his time outside, but knew the exact sound of my father's car engine. When Dad got home from work, Tiger would pop out from the bushes to greet him.

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4. This is the sort of happy ending I can get behind.

Facebook | Mysterious Cat, JohnnyBeFree

When we lose a beloved pet, we all secretly hope that someday, even years later we'll be reunited by sheer happenstance. Sometimes, that dream comes true.

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5. If only I could be so contented with a sunbeam.

Reddit | eakerthan

Unfortunately, I am a pasty white lady who sunburns on a cloudy day, so I will simply appreciate this cat's chill instead.

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6. Sure, you could argue that this is destructive, not wholesome, but it was clearly predicted.

Reddit | detectivefrogbutt

And really, if you intend to buy any decor items with small plastic pieces, you're pretty much guaranteeing that the pieces will become your cat's newest obsession.

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7. I 100% support people being nice to stray animals.

Facebook | Mysterious Cat

Often, these animals are homeless through no fault of their own and don't deserve to be left out in the heat when a little kindness could save their lives.

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8. This mama cat knew exactly where to take her ailing kitten: the hospital.

Reddit | -FaZe-

The stray cat mom was a regular visitor to this clinic and knew that the humans were willing to share food and help her out.

They did just that, making sure the kitten was doing okay before sending the family to a vet for care.

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9. I'm sorry, but you're going to just need to buy a whole second crib for you baby now.

Facebook | Mysterious Cat

Your mistake may have been breaking down the box and putting it out with the recycling. Had you kept the box, the cat would have zero interest in the crib.

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10. "My mom adopted a cat that brings her slippers to her every morning."

Reddit | tatergator15

"I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera finally," explained Redditor tatergator15.

Well, isn't that just the most wholesome story ever?

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11. Cats will always win at a game of hide and go seek.

Reddit | filochick05

That's because they have constant practice and have been playing the same game non-stop since you brought them home.

You're just really bad at hiding.

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12. There has never been a more perfect series of photos.

Imgur | wechonki360

Okay, fine. Maybe there have been more important photos, but it's hard to argue with the supreme amount of contentment on this kitty's face.

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