10+ Expecting Moms Who Figured Out Smart Hacks To Get Through Pregnancy

Lex Gabrielle 30 Jun 2020

Being pregnant is hard work. All ladies know that the further along you get in your pregnancy, the harder it becomes to do everyday things. When that belly starts growing, we start to struggle with some everyday tasks because, well, we have a human growing inside of us! Luckily, women all over the world have come up with brilliant ways to navigate the world of pregnancy for us.

1. Shaving done right.

If you can't bend down to reach those legs when you've got a belly on you, using a long stick with a razor at the end seems to do the trick.

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2. Doing your toes just became super easy.

For moms who want to paint their toenails but can't bend down over that belly, use some magnifying glasses to get up close and personal with your feet. Brilliant!

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3. Pool floaties for the win!

For moms who want to sleep on their bellies, a pool floaty should do the trick! That hole in the middle of the float is perfect size for baby bumps.

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4. Want snacks? No problem!

This mom found a way to hide her snacks in her maternity stretch band. Truly a genius that we do not deserve. Moms always want snacks on the go! I may buy a pair now just to try this hack.

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5. Can't fit? No problem.

Use an elastic band to keep your pants together during the end months of pregnancy by attaching it to the button and the loop hole. No one is judging you, we've all been there.

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6. Keep cool in the summer.

Those summer pregnancies can be a hard time during the heat. Keep your body cool by sticking your feet in a nice, cold pool all day long in the backyard. Ahhh... so relaxing.

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7. Make your own table.

Moms know that using your belly bump for holding food and drinks is the best idea in the world. If you want to keep your snacks close by, place them right on top of your belly!

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8. Make your own stretchy jeans.

If you love those jeans and want to still rock them, you can simply cut the sides and add your own elastic. All you need are some basic sewing skills and materials.

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9. Help your pregnancy nose by using air fresheners!

All ladies know when you're pregnant, your sense of smell goes WAY up. This mom hooked on some air fresheners to her earrings to keep her nose at bay.

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10. Use your belly as a phone/iPad holder.

You can watch your movies and scroll through your phone easily by turning your belly into a little phone or iPad holder. Truly, what else are baby bumps for?

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11. Keep your friends close, but your Oreos closer.

Make sure no one eats all of your Oreos by keeping them close by. Every mom wants their sweets. Stack them up and eat them one by one while watching your favorite show.

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12. Attach your nail polish to chopsticks!

If you still can't reach those toes, attach your nail polish brush to some chop sticks and paint your toes from afar. What a brilliant idea!

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13. Tummy time done right.

Trying to get some relief from the pressure on your belly can be tough. This mom found a way to get that relief and relax while on her phone — you just need two chairs!

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14. Grabbers help, always.

When you can't bend down to get things off the floor, get yourself a grabber. Now, you can pick up anything off the floor without bending over at all! Clean house forever.

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