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15+ Things That Were Blemished By The Ravages Of Time

Although we've demonstrated that some things and people can age surprisingly well, it's also well-known that the years are rarely kind to anything they touch.

The more we love something, the more we want to use it and have it around us. And the unfortunate truth is that all this affection can end up taking a toll on it that we don't notice until months or years down the road.

But once we do, it starts to get kind of funny because with each hard impact or odd creak it makes, we find ourselves wondering how long it'll last before it disintegrates completely.

And while some of the people on this list have already decided to replace their things, others are clearly curious to see when exactly the wheels will fall off.

1. It's unclear how the rest of this bike looks by now, but the grips on the handlebars have definitely seen a lot of heavy use.

Reddit | permaculture

Apparently, the amount of wear we're seeing here is the result of about 5,800 miles of riding.

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2. After about 10 years of use, the uploader has made the solemn decision to retire this raincoat.

Reddit | ibb2697

As they said, it's not even close to waterproof anymore.

And no matter how much we may love something, we're only kidding ourselves if we keep using it once it can no longer fulfill its intended purpose.

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3. This must have been a very careful and thorough cleaning to make this look as good as it does now.

Reddit | spaceghetto13

The matting and discoloration are about what we'd expect from a 30-year-old toy that was too dearly valued to let anyone get rough with it, but the results look like they turned the clocks back at least a decade.

It still shows a little bit of age, but I doubt people would now guess it's as old as it really is.

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4. It won't be at all surprising to learn that a family has been using this bottle opener for years, but it's so old that there's almost no sign of its original purpose.

Reddit | VultureMadAtTheOx

Believe it or not, this was once supposed to promote a political candidate. I suppose we can still see the faint engraving of her name, but good luck actually reading that name.

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5. Even those who have never touched a skateboard should have no problem telling which wheels are the replacements.

Reddit | dpk794

It's kind of wild to realize that those vibrant red ones will one day look like the ones on the right, but we can see some evidence of that in the last shreds of decoration on the old ones.

From the looks of it, they were once white on the outside, too.

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6. It's not always easy to notice when a pipe is leaking, but it definitely gets easier when it does it for this long.

Reddit | yUrM0mL0l

After all, when the concrete outside starts getting these little grooves worn into it, the list of possible culprits isn't very long.

Erosion is a subtly powerful thing.

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7. There's something about an object brushing up against a surface in a circular motion that becomes kryptonite for any finish on that surface.

Reddit | Sir-Squirter

This is obviously to be expected when a pharmacy safe like this has been in use for 20 years, but even a loose wire on a house has managed to have a similar effect on the walls in a matter of weeks.

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8. I can see these steps being very easy to trip over, but we can only blame all the people who came before us for that.

Reddit | jasonvo1804

Since these aren't the most evenly placed steps in the world, I suppose it shouldn't be so surprising that their centers are the least-touched part of them.

Both feet need room to work, after all.

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9. Although water and human contact can be powerful agents of wear and tear if you give them enough time, there's one thing that's guaranteed to make everything else age faster.

Reddit | King_Toot

And as we can see from the odd recesses in this wooden fence post, that thing is a weed whacker.

If you ever go into a cemetery and notice weird indents in the headstones, that's likely what caused them.

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10. Even with the effects of time and foot traffic in mind, it still seems mind-blowing that something as simple as feet can beat a mighty stone block.

Reddit | tineg1

Part of the extreme effect we see here has to do with the relative lightness of the rock itself, which is likely a kind of sandstone or limestone.

But when everyone wants to step in one specific place, they can eventually make that part seem as though it's flattened into the street.

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11. It's always neat to see what interesting shapes rocks can end up in once rushing waters break them apart.

Reddit | strawberrilyy

It's also clear that it's been a long time since this river did that since it doesn't even look like these two pieces would fit together very well anymore.

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12. It can be pretty amazing to see just how worn down things can get before they finally fall apart.

Reddit | Ragnarangar

For instance, it looks like the ring on this keychain could snap at any moment, but it's hard to tell when exactly the keys will finally wear through the outer rim.

It kind of feels like any guess we'd have would either be too early or too late.

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13. As early as three months ago, this hill didn't have this path in it.

Reddit | oldsoul221

But since the uploader suddenly found themselves with way more time on their hands than expected in mid-March, they were able to sprint down the hill so many times that they actually wore the path into it.

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14. And while it's hardly unusual to see an old key worn down to a nub, time can come for the ones that stay still as well.

Reddit | KatzMwwow

For instance, this one rusted up after someone left it on this tree branch for whatever reason.

The uploader also described that earwig as a "bonus insect," which probably the first time anyone's ever referred to one that way.

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15. I suppose this is one way to learn when the staff at a business start using new materials.

Reddit | alitheamazon

Both of these chips came from the same veterinary hospital and indicate that a dog has received its rabies vaccines.

Although its unclear when the blue flower tags were swapped out with the red, heart-shaped ones, it apparently happened some time within the last three years.

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16. Although these steps don't have the same dramatic grooves we see in others outdoors, it's pretty easy to tell how everyone uses them.


It's also clear that this photo wasn't taken at my old high school because otherwise, there would have been additional footprints on either side of this landing where my friends and I used to have rap battles.

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17. Considering what this person's old slippers look like, it should be less than surprising that they got new ones.

Reddit | elterible

Apparently, they had the old pair for over 10 years and they essentially saw them through their 20s.

Obviously, they had sentimental value, but the moment they finally fell apart must have been fascinating.

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18. I can't imagine that there's anything remotely comfortable about this bike seat, given its condition.

Reddit | Greg-Powell

I'm not even sure how long or how hard you would have to ride a bike to make this happen, but I suppose it's still better than no seat at all.

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19. This rock is definitely as oddly-shaped as they can get, but it's also not hard to see how it got this way.

Reddit | WaffPan

We can see some pretty clear footprints in it, but it's also likely that water did more damage than anything else.

That is, unless entire football teams make a habit of walking through here every day.

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20. All work gloves are destined to get like this eventually, but it only took a month for that to happen in this case.

Reddit | AggresivePickle

And if you're wondering what kind of job is so hellish on gloves, the uploader said they're a field hand on a farm.

That should sound about right.

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