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The Cast Of 'Ferris Bueller' Reveal Which Plot Elements Got Cut From The Final Film

Rae Batchelor 29 Jun 2020

There are some movies that are just instant classics — it doesn't really matter who you are or whether you even liked the film, some movies just burn their way into our brains and into the pop culture world at large.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is definitely one of those movies, and it turns out that even a movie like this can have secret plot elements that never made it into the final cut.

A lot of the driving force of Ferris Bueller's Day Off comes from the tension between Ferris and his sister, Jeanie.


Jeanie's determination to catch Ferris in a lie on his day-off and her subsequent change of heart to back up her brother in his antics are a really touching component of the film and does an excellent job of capturing how siblings are.

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The cast of the film recently took part in Josh Gad's Reunited Apart to discuss the film.

YouTube | Reunited Apart

On top of telling stories about their time on set and how much they loved the film, the cast took their time on the channel to discuss some lesser known details about the film and even to share some plot elements that ended up getting cut from the full movie.

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One of these came from Cindy Picket, who revealed that Ferris and Jeanie originally had two younger siblings.


"If you look in the kitchen scene, their drawings are still on the refrigerator, like these kindergarten drawings. I think it was a little girl and little boy, I think she was older. But yeah, they were cut out," she said.

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There's more evidence of this in the film itself.

Reddit | tokuturfey

In a family photo in their dad's office, there are clearly more than just the two children.

I wonder how they would've affected Jeanie and Ferris' relationship and what purpose they served in the story?

Do you think the film was better off without having them? Let us know in the comments!

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